Yankees Slightly Premature 2009 Offseason Preview

Shanan H.Analyst IApril 4, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 03:  Hideki Matsui #55 of the New York Yankees heads back to the dugout after getting out against the Chicago Cubs during their game on April 3, 2009 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City. The exhibition game is the first game to be played at the New Yankee Stadium.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

OK, I guess very premature offseason preview.  But, anyway...some big name Yankees are leaving the team, leaving a lot of extra money in the $213 million payroll.

Some of the big losses include the man featured in the top of the article, Hideki Matsui.  Godzilla was a little bit of a bust after coming over from Japan.  However, I do think he was a good Yankee, and I wish him well if his career should continue.

Also, Johnny Damon will be exiting the team.  Unless Girardi has a long term plan of Jeter hitting first, I really think that the Yankees should look into a new leadoff man.

So, who could do this job?

I looked for a lead-off outfielder, and really only found two.  The first would be Carl Crawford, who would be a great man for the Yankees; however, I highly doubt the Rays will just let him go. 

So, if the Yankees cannot get C.C. (Crawford), then who else is there?

Well, I had to look at a man playing third base this year.

Chone Figgens.

The utility player isn't the greatest hitter ever, but he'll get the job done and fill the left field spot.

I strongly believe that the Yankees should pursue either Jason Bay or Mat Holliday.  They could fill the DH spot left open by Matsui.

There is one overlooked thing about the Yankees.

Unless they hurry Montero through the Minors, they will need a new backup catcher since Jose Molina is leaving.

The best option I think is to re-sign Molina, but if that can't be done, run after Victor Martinez.  He is a very good catcher, and if the Yankees have money, they should place a bid for him.

Otherwise, they could be stuck with Miguel Olivo or 36-year-old Jason Kendall.

But what about pitchers?

Pettitte will depart, and hopefully for good.  His tenure with the Yankees is long from over.  Now, who should replace him? 

We could try the Minor League disasters (Phil Hughes/Ian Kennedy), or the Yankees could do what they do best...sign free agents!

Well, I say pursue Brandon Webb.  If you can't get him, then resort to John Lackey.

But imagine a rotation with A.J. Burnett stuck in the four spot!  For a top pitcher like Burnett, to be that far down the rotation has to be amazing.

So, that is what the Yankees should do after their World Series win this year!