Puppy Bowl 2013: Starting Lineup, Time, Photos and More

Timothy RappFeatured ColumnistJanuary 30, 2013

Will Blitz win it all? (Adele Godfrey / Animal Planet)
Will Blitz win it all? (Adele Godfrey / Animal Planet)

A lot of dogs can bark the bark, but only at the Puppy Bowl do we learn which dogs can also walk the walk. 

This year's annual show promises to be jam-packed with so much adorable it will eventually hurt. Seriously, there will be so much fluffy you might die. As if that weren't enough, there will also be hedgehogs as cheerleaders and kittens performing the halftime show.

Amazing, I know.

The Puppy Bowl is always a blast, and please remember that all of these critters are up for adoption and could use a good home.

It's not just entertainment—it's also for a good cause. Here's all the information you need so you don't miss a single cute moment.


When: Sunday, Feb. 3, at 3 p.m. ET

Watch: Animal Planet


The Starting Lineup

Name Sex Age Breed
Arlo Male 10 weeks Labrador Retriever/Collie mix
Aurora  Female  10 weeks  Siberian Husky/Retriever mix 
Biscuit  Female  12 weeks  Puerto Rican Sato 
Blitz  Female  11 weeks  Terrier mix 
Butterscotch  Female  12 weeks  Puerto Rican Sato  
Chestnut  Male  Nine weeks  Labrador Retriever/Australian Shepherd mix  
Copper  Male   Nine weeks  Dachshund/English Pit Bull mix  
Daffodil  Female  11 weeks  Chow Chow/Labrador Retriever mix 
Daisy   Female  12 weeks  Yorkshire Terrier 
Eli  Male  10 weeks  German Shepherd/Pit Bull mix 
Fitz  Male  10 weeks  Catahoula mix 
Harry  Male  12 weeks Chocolate Dachshund Smooth 
Jenny  Female  13 weeks  Pit Bull/Hound mix 
Juniper  Female  12 weeks  Great Pyrenees 
Koda  Male  16 weeks  Catahoula/Boston Terrier mix 
Lenny   Male  12 weeks  Catahoula Leopard Dog mix 
Magnolia  Female  11 weeks  Chow Chow/Labrador Retriever mix 
Nala  Female  Eight weeks  Japanese Chin 
Pearl  Female  Nine weeks  Australian Catahoula/Labrador Retriever mix 
Sally  Female  12 weeks  Dachshund/Basset Hound mix 
Shadow  Male  Nine weeks  Catahoula/Labrador Retriever mix 
Simba  Male   Eight weeks  Japanese Chin 
Trinka  Female  10 weeks  Schnauzer/Beagle mix 
Tuck  Male  10 weeks  German Shepherd/Pit mix 
Winston  Male  Nine weeks  Miniature Pinscher 
Willis  Female  16 weeks  Long-haired Chihuahua mix 


For pictures of all the pups in action, be sure to check out this Today.com slideshow.


Last Year's Recap



Yes, I'm going to make predictions.

Two early pups to keep an eye on are Willis and Koda, who at four months old have a major advantage in experience. Aurora, Chestnut, Daffodil and Tuck all look like spry and playful puppies who could make a run at this year's Most Valuable Puppy Award.

And Eli just looks wise, man. I feel like he's an old soul.

But my money is on Blitz, pictured in the cover photo of this article. For one, her name is Blitz, which should instantly put fear in her opponents. For another, look at her confidence—how she holds her head up high when being photographed.

She is not to be denied.

But really, we're all winners at the Puppy Bowl, because darn it all if it isn't the most adorable event of the year. Enjoy.


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