Garrett McNamara Rides World Record 100-Foot Wave in Portugal

Richard LangfordCorrespondent IJanuary 29, 2013

Photo Credit: @ciscosalvador
Photo Credit: @ciscosalvador

Once again, surfing daredevil Garrett McNamara pushed the bounds of human possibility as he surfed a wave so big that one can question his sanity but not his bravery. 

Check out the video of this breathtaking run: 

As ABC's Katie Kindelan reports, this appears to be a 100' wave, which would break the record of an 80' wave that was set in 2011. 

In this instance, McNamara, 45, is simply extending his own record. He also set that mark in 2011, and he was back for more. Both waves were ridden off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal. 

McNamara, humble and remarkably calm, tweeted his appreciation for the support: 

Before this officially becomes a world record, Kindelan reports that Guinness World Records will have to verify the wave.

It is possible that after careful examination the wave might not be ruled 100', but it seems unlikely that estimates will come up more than 20' short, which is what it would take to prevent this from being a record.

Whatever the case, I stand in awe of McNamara. This wave gives me chills just by the pictures and video. I cannot imagine what that monster would look like from a surfboard in the water as it ominously rolled toward me. 

For McNamara, it seems to be just another day at the office. 

After his record-breaking run in 2011, the surfing legend—in an interview with ABC's Joel Siegel and Michael Murray—explains that he has a "well-planned mission" but that plan can fly out the window as the wave approaches. At that point, McNamara explains his body is run by "100 percent instinct."

This is how I know McNamara is a different breed of person than I am. If 100 percent instinct took over for almost anyone but McNamara, they would be making news too. However, it would be due to being the first person ever filmed to run on water while being propelled by the wings of fear.