2009 Major League Baseball Predictions

Adam Fier@haveNOfierCorrespondent IApril 4, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - OCTOBER 29:  The Philadelphia Phillies celebrate after they won 4-3 against the Tampa Bay Rays during the continuation of game five of the 2008 MLB World Series on October 29, 2008 at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

Another baseball season upon us, and another chance to prove how little I know when it comes to accurately predicting how the new season will play out.

Nevertheless, I like to entertain myself and look back seven months from now and see if I knew anything, so before all you critics out there rip my predictions to shreds, know that I make them without doing any real research and simply off of gut feelings based on how teams faired last season and how they look based on the moves they made during the offseason.

I'll also put a disclaimer that I'm a die hard New York Mets fan who decided it would be smart to pick my team to win it all this year, a mistake I certainly will not be making twice.  Plus Sports Illustarted already took care of that for me.

I usually predict standings and records however this season I'm going to take WFAN's Mike Francessa's lead and list the teams in order of how I think they'll finish but instead of records I'll take over/under's on amount of victories.

I'll also throw in pre-season playoff picks and preseason award winners.

So without further adeiu, lets make some picks...

(Over/Under's courtesy of vegaswatch.com)


Boston Red Sox (94.5) Over

New York Yankees (97.5)* Under

Tampa Bay Rays (87.5) Over

Toronto Blue Jays (80.5) Over

Baltimore Orioles (73.5) Over

American League Central

Detroit Tigers (82.5) Over

Cleveland Indians (85.5) Over

Chicago White Sox (79.5) Over

Minnesota Twins (83.5) Under

Kansas City Royals (75.5) Over

American League West

Oakland Athletics (81.5) Over

Seattle Mariners (72.5) Over

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (89.5) Under

Texas Rangers (73.5) Under

National League East

Philadelphia Phillies (87.5) Over

Florida Marlins (76.5) Over

New York Mets (88.5) Under

Atlanta Braves (83.5) Under

Washington Nationals (71.5) Over

National League Central

Chicago Cubs (91.5) Over

Milwaukee Brewers (80.5) Over

Cincinnati Reds (80.5) Over

Houston Astros (74.5) Over

St Louis Cardinals (82.5) Under

Pittsburgh Pirates (69.5) Under

National League West

Los Angeles Dodgers (82.5) Over

Arizona Diamondbacks* (86.5) Under

San Diego Padres (71.5) Over

Colorado Rockies (77.5) Under

San Francisco Giants (80.5) Under

*wild card winner

Division Series

Red Sox over Athletics

Yankees over Tigers

Phillies over Diamondbacks

Cubs over Dodgers

Championship Series

Yankees over Red Sox

Phillies over Cubs

World Series

Phillies over Yankees

Most Valuable Player

AL- Mark Teixeira (NYY)

NL- Manny Ramirez (LAD)

Cy Young

AL- Jon Lester (BOS)

NL- Johan Santana (NYM)

Rookie of the Year

AL- David Price (TAM)

NL- Cameron Maybin (FLA)


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