Former WWE Creative Team Member Reflects On A Great Wrestlemania Past

Tim ListAnalyst IApril 4, 2009

Former WWE creative team member Seth Mates, who also used to work on the World Wrestling Entertainment website, blogged about one of the true classic Wrestlemania's, the 2001 version, which (much like this year's Wrestlemania) took place in Houston.

This was the Wrestlemania where Stone Cold Steve Austin sold his soul to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and won the title from Dwayne Johnson aka "The Rock."

This was the Wrestlemania with arguably the greatest TLC of all time, with The Dudleys vs Edge and Christian vs The Hardy Boys.

This was the Wrestlemania with WWE Owner Vince McMahon vs his own son, the storyline owner of WCW, Shane McMahon, with outside interference from Linda McMahon and the gorgeous Trish Stratus.

This was the Wrestlemania with HHH doing a clean job to The Undertaker in one of the wildest brawls in WWE history.

This was the Wrestlemania with one of the greatest pure wrestling matches ever broadcast, Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit, with perhaps the finest announcing ever on a sports entertainment, with Jim "JR" Ross and Paul Heyman both at the absolute top of their game.

This was the Wrestlemania where WWE had just purchased WCW, ECW had just ended, and both Rhyno and Spike Dudley debuted. This was a classic Wrestlemania, one that set the stage for the rest of 2001.

Seth Mates' blog on the event can be found here:

Stone Cold Steve Austin gets inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame tonight, highlights of which will be broadcast on the USA Network at 11 p.m. eastern/pacific.