Mets Clubhouse Shops Rejoice with Gary Sheffield Acquisition

Jon Z.Correspondent IApril 4, 2009

LAKELAND, FL - MARCH 05:  Gary Sheffield #3 of the Detroit Tigers watches the action during a spring training game against the Washington Nationals at Joker Marchant Stadium on March 5, 2009 in Lakeland, Florida.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Gary Sheffield had no demands for the Mets and did not specifically discuss his number of at bats with us.” -- Omar Minaya (April 3, 2009)


And if you believe that, I have beachfront property in Montana for all of you.


Maybe I don’t watch enough Met press conferences, or maybe it’s because I’m just never up at 3 a.m. when some moves are being made.


So where does Gary “Cream on the Knees” Sheffield fit in with the Mets? 


It looks like the corner outfield positions have just been given some more depth (or is the word confusion?). Of course, Sheffield’s signing is subject to every organization’s three favorite words: “pending a physical.”    


Omar’s response to questions about the Tigers eating $14,000,000 and releasing Sheffield were taken about as smoothly as the last time a guy was asked by his wife, “are you staring at her?


Clearly Sheffield’s numbers are very good over the span of his career. However, he played just six games in the outfield last year.


But he does have 499 home runs, and who wouldn’t want to have a 500th homer hit at Citi Field? Oh, the marketing potential. (I can smell the silk screen ink all the way over here in Jersey).


The Tigers claim that they needed flexibility for the DH spot, which was the reason for Sheffield’s departure, and Sheffield was surprised by the move. Interesting.


Maybe the Mets will catch lightning in a bottle with Sheffield, who hit 19 HRs, 57 RBIs and batted a stellar .225 in 418 ABs last year. However, I’m most concerned with the potential clubhouse ramifications if Sheffield doesn’t produce and fails to “understand his role with the organization” by riding pine more than he thought he would.   


But then again, Omar didn’t seem like that was going to be a problem.