No Home Court for the Michigan State Spartans Courtesy Of The NCAA

Dave WalkerCorrespondent IApril 4, 2009

In just hours thousands will gather just down the road from the Michigan State campus at Ford Field to watch the National Semifinal between UCONN and Michigan State. The big question is, how many students/actual Spartan fans will be able to get/afford a ticket.

The NCAA Final Four has grown to almost a Super Bowl like status. The first priority for the NCAA is to make sure corporate sponsors, like the ones our government has bailed out, get their allotment of tickets, then it is up to the University.

When it comes to your good ol' Alma mater, they get a certain allotment as well. This year each school gets just over 3200 tickets. Of these tickets, many go to people in the athletic department, player's guests, and donors.

So no luck there unless you coach the Frisbee team, are a close personal friend to Tom Izzo, or donate your life savings each year to Michigan State basketball.

But, the NCAA does find a way to get those Spartan green, or Tar Hell blue faces on TV. They give 400 floor seats to each school to provide for students. That is so the CBS cameras can pick up the excitement of the less than 1 percent of the student body that is there.

The bottom line is Ford field seats 71000 for this event. When each school is given just over 7200 tickets, that isn't even ten percent of the crowd.

I believe in college basketball half of the excitement is the students chanting and causing problems for the visiting team. It's not fair to the fans and students of these institutions to have such a limited ticket base to such a big event.

If you even double the amount of tickets per institution it would make for a better atmosphere.

But, then again, it's all about the money, and sponsorship, and making sure you get to keep those six-figure salaries out in Kansas City.