Things That Irk Me About College Football and Its Fans

James ColtCorrespondent IApril 4, 2009

Not a day goes by that I hear something from someone or watch something on t.v. where somebody says something incredibly stupid or lame. 

I'm probably just to uptight or a jerk, but I'm getting sick of it so I decided this might be a good way for me to vent about some things that bother me in the world of college football.

Since this is an article about the things that I find bothersome about college football it would be easy for me to list the BCS, but that is no surprise to anyone so that one won't be seen on here, but rest assured it is high up on my list.


1. Copycat teams

I'm not talking about teams that steal other teams offenses or defenses. I'm all for that. If there is a proven system that is working for someone then why wouldn't you want to copy it?

I'm talking about teams that are so lame they can't come up with their own gimmicks.  I don't know if Penn State was the first to do a "white out", but it certainly belongs to them.

I can't tell you how tired I am of hearing on ESPN, "well better watch this weekend team X is going to be having a "black out", or a "red out"" or whatever.

Here's a fresh idea for anyone who wants it. Try having a brown out. Now there is something I would tune in to see. How about a brown out at one of the proverbial "toilet bowls" early in the bowl season?

That is how you get your ratings right there, and now I apologize to everyone who is too sophisticated for that joke, and I'm guessing if you are over 8 years old then you are probably too sophisticated.

The "black outs" aren't the only thing that teams copy. There is the infamous 12th man. This one kind of pertains to the NFL more so than college, but still can't we come up with our own slogans. 

I mean the Seahawks are so lame that they had to steal a copyrighted term, and because it apparently would have been to difficult to come up with a new one, they wanted to go to court to try to use The 12th Man. No luck for the trite people up in Seattle.

Then there are hand signs. Wow, I know there is only so many signs you can make with your hand, but there has to be more than one. Let's everyone in the world that is playing Texas throw the horns down sign because it is so cool and fresh. 

I even saw a game where a team wasn't playing Texas that threw the horns down.  What is that about? If you aren't a rival of Texas then why do it. It has no significance to you. I have no issue if OU, or A&M, or Texas Tech do it, but that's about as far as it should go.

Plain and simple originality will always be copied by people, but lets start being the originators instead of the copycats and the college football world will be that much cooler for it.


2. Know it all fans

We all know who I'm talking about.  The fans that figured out how to work the Google machine and look up stats.  These fans can only talk about stats.  Every argument they make has to be statistically based, and they will usually bend the statistics in favor of their argument.

These people usually know nothing about the nuances of football that don't show up in the stats. They are the ones that watch a game and probably couldn't tell what formation the offense and defense are lined up in, but they sure can tell you why one team is better purely based off stats.


3. Blindly biased fans

This somewhat falls into the category above, but who hasn't come across these fans.  They will never open their eyes to what is going on around them, and they are the reason that coaches like Tommy Tuberville get fired.

I'm all for having a loyal following of your team. I for one love my Longhorns, and will always defend them, but if they are having a down year I'm not blind to that fact to the point where I have to resort to degrading the good teams to make myself feel better.  I don't understand why some fans can't see for the trees.


4. Conference allegiances

I have written an article on this topic previously, and got hounded by SEC fans about why they root like they do.  For me it still doesn't make sense. I can never be aligned to the Big 12. 

I can't force myself to ever root the two greatest evils in the world, OU and TX A&M. I would sooner die than root for two teams I spend the entire year hating with every ounce of my being.

I can't understand how fans can hate a team, call them names, say they suck, and then come bowl time they root for the same team they cursed.  It doesn't make sense. 

I've written extensively on the topic before so I'll leave it at that, but if anyone is interested in reading more, here is a link to that article.


5.  Impatience with a new coach

It's become the norm now, and not just in college football, to expect immediate results from a new coach. I don't know how or why this trend got started. People only give a coach three years at the most to prove himself anymore, and apparently Lane Kiffin better win this year or he's out according to some idiots out there.

The fact is that even after four years you can't truly gauge a coach.

Yes, after four years they are all his players, but if you are building a program that has been down then you have to use those first four years to establish your system and program for future recruits to see.

You can't come into a program that's not winning, and then automatically have top ten recruiting classes.  I mean who cares if Bear Bryant is coaching at Duke.  It's Duke and they are still terrible. 

It would take time to build the program.  More than four years I can guarantee you that (I know he didn't coach at Duke, just an example).

This doesn't necessarily go for people at an established powerhouse like LSU.  Les Miles came in after a national championship. 

He doesn't have to build a reputation for LSU.  Larry Coker had a ready made championship team, and it shouldn't have been hard for him to keep it that way. I agree that he should have gotten the ax for murdering the Miami program.


Well that's my list for today. If I find anything else to be irksome, and I probably will, I'll let everyone know.


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