Taco Bell Super Bowl Commercial Will Steal the Show

Michael DulkaContributor IJanuary 29, 2013

Screengrab from YouTube.com/TacoBell
Screengrab from YouTube.com/TacoBell

Taco Bell is set to deliver one of the top Super Bowl commercials of 2013. The company is looking to promote its Live Mas ad-campaign encouraging spontaneity, adventure and spice in life.

Their last Super Bowl commercial came in 2010 and featured Charles Barkley pushing the company's $5 Buck Box

Taco Bell released a wild teaser for this year's Super Bowl ad-campaign on Jan. 17:

The commercial features an elderly man having a rebellious night as he destroys a stadium and does donuts on the field. All of that set to House of Pain's "Jump Around" is enough to expect big things from the fast-food restaurant come Super Bowl Sunday.

Taco Ball teased what surely looks to be an adventure as it ended the video with "Buckle Up. 2.3.2013." It also revealed more about its plans in the video's description on YouTube.  

An 87-year-old with an appetite for adventure joyrides through a football field on a souped-up, high-speed mobility scooter. And he's got something even wilder up his old-man sleeve for Game Day.

Who hasn't imagined riding crazily on a scooter, wreaking havoc? This isn't a new idea, but the fact it's an elderly gentleman instead of a punky teenager makes it hilarious. The adventures of the old man and his friends will certainly be something to watch during the game. 

HeraldOnline.com revealed some further details regarding the fast-food company's plans:

In the spot, main character, 87 year-old Bernie Goldblatt along with his friends, will take viewers on an unforgettable night depicting that anyone at any age can LIVE MÁS®. The commercial will be set to the music of Taco Bell Feed the Beat® artist and six-time GRAMMY® Award nominee fun.’s “We Are Young,” which will be sung in Spanish.

Fun, one of the most popular bands of the last year, will certainly add to the commercial's appeal, but perhaps a less-played-out song would have been a better move. The Spanish version will add some relief to viewers tired of the popular song. 

One of the biggest winners from the Taco Bell commercials will surely be Doritos. In addition to having their own large presence on Super Bow Sundays, they will benefit from the Taco Bell advertising because of Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Tacos (a hard taco with a shell made of Doritos Nacho chips). 

In addition to the entertaining commercials, Taco Bell could drop a bombshell in releasing a Cool Ranch-version of the Doritos Locos Tacos. Taco Bell fans have been pleading for the release of the new flavor. Taco Bell teased that the product would get a 2013 release on its Facebook page.

There would be no better time than during the Super Bowl to announce the new flavored taco shell. Maybe Goldblatt and his friends end the night with some Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos.