The Dubious Case of Geronimo Penalosa

John Louie RamosSenior Writer IApril 4, 2009

To believe the impossible is faith.

To do the impossible is a miracle.

Geronimo Penalosa, simply Gerry to all his 95 million countrymen will have his probable last dance come April 25. Just like Gene Hackman, Penalosa will be "behind enemy lines" as he'll be fighting at the enemy's backyard at Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

He's going to go up against the feared and undefeated WBO Super Bantamweight champion, Juan Manuel Lopez.

Well, to be honest. I think Penalosa will lose given Lopez's physical advantages on the contrary I believe Penalosa will win.

You see, thinking and believing are two different things.

At 36 years old Penalosa is not as fast and as agile as the Penalosa we used to know.

Unlike Lopez, Penalosa isn't known for scoring consecutive first round knockout victories.

He isn't the guy who excites the crowd with flurries of punches and his style doesn't make waves. In fact I'd say he's a boring fighter.

Their lone common denominator perhaps is they both have fought former world champion Daniel Ponce de Leon.

In a hard fought bout Penalosa lose a decision to de Leon while Lopez knocked out de Leon cold in the first round to claim the WBO title.

Looking at those two fights. It seems that Lopez is light-years ahead of Penalosa.

However just like one popular song says,

To dream the impossible dream..

To fight the unbeatable foe..

To bear with unbearable sorrow..

To run where the brave dare not go..

It's not an uncommon sight to see the doubters outnumber the believers.

Although, deep in them, I know who they are really rooting for and that's the underdog. Don't argue with me, it's human nature "No one roots for Goliath" (psychology at it's best).

All the factors point out one eventual winner, In this case it is Lopez.

Hence I say it again, I think Lopez will win but then again I believe Penalosa will reign supreme.

As my closing remarks I leave you with one final message:

Thinking comes from the brain while believing comes from the heart.

To be honest I'll go with being brainless rather than being heartless.