NCAA Sweet 16 Action: The Chalk Asserts Itself

Marc DaleyAnalyst IMarch 28, 2008

Not a thing came to light in yesterday's action, so I offer some unsolicited advice to those who fell by the wayside of steaming favorites.


Memo to Tony Bennett (Or to Whomever Coaches Wazzu Next Year)

The slowdown game has kept you in a lot of contests this year and I understand that four star recruits don't make their way to the Paloose unless by gunpoint or schedule. 

That being said, you have to find some guys who can run a fast break faster than a gasping tortoise.  Once North Carolina figured out how to be patient, it was all over for you.  And without a competent transition game you're not able to whittle down deficits.


Memo to NBA Scouts

This is short and sweet.  Pass on Tyrone Brazleton and Courtney Lee at your own risk. 

True, Lee shot an abysmal seven for 29 yesterday, but Brazleton nearly brought the 'Toppers back by himself against a UCLA squad I picked to win the whole shooting match.

I doubt that the 'Toppers will make Round Three appearances on a regular basis, but kudos to fellow Lexington boy Darrin Horn on a job well done.


Memo to Chris Lofton

I have really enjoyed watching you go off against Kentucky all these years.  Right.  Anyway, you have gotten the most out of what you have, but unfortunately this is where the tour ends.

Simply put, you don't have the athleticism to produce effectively at the next level.  But I'm sure you'll expend every ounce of energy proving us wrong.

If not, consider coaching.  I think you'd do well.


Memo to Bob Huggins

Joe Alexander is a poor man's Gugliotta.  Joe Mazzulla is one of the best sixth men in the country.  And while most of the nation realizes you're one of the prize boors of the NCAA, would it kill you to wear a shirt and tie under the sport coat?

Seriously, Jim Rome mined that fashion mistake long ago and saw the light.