25 Ways to Tell If You're a St. Louis Cardinals Fan

Travis BriscoleContributor IApril 3, 2009

ST LOUIS - OCTOBER 13:  St. Louis Cardinals mascot Fredbird entertains the fans in game one of National League Championship Series against the Houston Astros during the 2004 Major League Baseball Playoffs on October 13, 2004 at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri.  The Cardinals won 10-7.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Every baseball team has their own unique set of fans. This article is the first in a series on 25 ways to tell if you're a fan of a certain team.

25 Ways To Tell if You're a Cardinals Fan:

  1. Your wardrobe is composed of only red clothing.
  2. Albert Pujols is your "hombre."
  3. You copy Pujols's batting stance (including the tongue sticking out).
  4. You "booed" the bullpen over 15 times last season.
  5. You make fun of Cubs fans because they have no mascot.
  6. You want Rick Ankiel back as a pitcher—but he plays outfield on his in-between starts days.
  7. You have prayed for Chris Carpenter's return.
  8. Albert Pujols's pinkie finger looks amazing to you.
  9. You will argue with anybody that Pujols-Ludwick is the best 3-4 punch in the National League.
  10. You have kissed Fredbird.
  11. You still want the 1985 umpiring crew's head on a platter.
  12. You hate sharing a color with all of your divisional opponents.
  13. You give up on the Rams after five losses, but never doubt the Cards.
  14. The Rays are your second favorite team for not drafting Pujols when they could have.
  15. You skip work or school for a game.
  16. You still love Jim Edmonds.
  17. You think the "new" Busch Stadium is better than the "new" Yankee Stadium.
  18. You don't doubt that Ludwick could hit a ball to the Gateway Arch.
  19. You would rather eat a habanero than draft a Cubs player for your Fantasy Team.
  20. You hate the Royals even though you weren't alive during the 1985 World Series.
  21. You say that the Rams disgrace the city.
  22. Tony La Russa is considered Einstein to you.
  23. 2006 is still a dream.
  24. You think that the Clydesdales are better than Milwaukee's Racing Sausages.
  25. You root for the Cardinals no matter what the circumstance is.