Bears and Broncos: Orton for Cutler Is A Win/Win

Neel PatelContributor IApril 3, 2009

DENVER - OCTOBER 05:  Quarterback Jay Cutler #6 of the Denver Broncos enters the field for player introductions prior to facing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during NFL action on October 5, 2008 in Denver, Colorado. The Broncos defeated the Buccaneers 16-13.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Man oh man am I excited about this trade for the Chicago Bears.

I must say I’ve been reading a lot about this trade already—opinions from all angles. I will have to just spit my input out in bullets, because it seems as though a lot has been covered already. Here is my take (yes I’ll be rambling, so I’m just going to try to keep each point short).


First of all, wow, thank you Jerry Angelo!

You still suck, but at least you grew a pair for the first time in your tenure. It may save you job, at least in the eyes of Bears fans.

A lot of people (the media) who considered J Cut (my new nickname for my new favorite QB Jay Cutler) a stud before are now calling him a slightly above average quarterback. The same people who called Kyle Orton inadequate are now calling him average. Very biased (ehem ESPN).

They’re probably just pissed theyre golden boy Brett Favre is retiring.

I have to say the Bears overpaid. By a lot.

But consider this—If they don’t overpay, they lose out to a team that does. They had to overpay to get what they wanted. Plus, not all draft picks work out. Who knows who they would have gotten with the 18th pick.

Speaking of the draft, the offensive line still needs help, but is already much improved. There are many many many good offensive tackles coming out this year, and they can probably nab one in the third round.

This leaves question marks at saftey, wide receiver, and the defensive line. They should draft a WR in the second round (i’m still praying for Kenny Britt as I went to Rutgers).

Ok, so now you have an average line on both sides, a solid TE, RB, a stud QB, and no good WRs, but a game breaker in Hester, all with an aging but still above average defense.

People are still scared. “Ohhh who is Jay Cutler going to throw too?”

Um, how about the same people that Orton threw to.

They went 9-7 with these pieces last year, and an offensive line that wasn’t as good and a quarterback that wasn’t as good. The rest of the division hasn’t done much this offseason (Sage Rosenfels doesn’t count).

I think another 9-7 finish is worst case scenerio. To me the Bears won out, and I’m excited!

They haven’t had a passer like Cutler in a long time, and there is no denying that he’s better than Orton. But looking at the flip side of things, there's no denying that the Broncos made out like bandits with this trade.

J Cut went 8-8 against a weak AFC West. Why? Well, they had a Detroit Lionesque defense last year! Cutler is 13-1 or 12-1 when his team gives up less than 21 points.

So now the Broncos have plenty of draft picks to shore up their defense in the first few rounds. They’ve already added Dawkins and will be drafting plenty of players on the defensive side.

Imagine a secondary with Dawkins, Bailey, and Malcom Jenkins from Ohio St.

Two shutdown corners, a top five safety and all of sudden you have seven in the box every down and the team is not giving up 28 pts per game anymore.

Kyle Orton is very serviceable. To all these bashers out there, there is a reason that he was No. 2 on their list of QBs they wanted behind only Brady Quinn.

So Derek Anderson, Jason Campbell and all you other overrated QBs, eat your hearts out. Denver knows what they’re doing.

Now once again, as I did before with J Cut, I’m going to ask this question.

If Kyle Orton can go 9-7 with a “CFL WR corp”, then what makes the media think he won’t go at least 9-7 with Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal, and Tony Scheffler?

Once again this is a win/win for both teams. Everyone has been looking at the negative side of this. Orton sucks sucks and Cutler will have no recievers now, etc. Give it a break already.

We’ll see five years from now if this trade had a REAL impact for the franchises, but for the short term this was a great trade on both sides.

My last tidbit has to do with Josh McDaniels. Please, oh please, don’t give him all the credit when Kyle Orton is successful in the AFC West.

This guy was not Tom Brady’s QB coach while he developed, and Matt Cassel could be a one hit wonder for all we know. He has nothing to do with J Cut’s development, and trust me, as a Bears fan I know, Kyle Orton is already developed. He had no offensive line and no WRs. Now he does.

He has the best line in football, and he has good recievers. What he does is because of the QB he already is, not because McDaniels is some miracle worker. For McDaniels to prove himself, he will have to have a solid defense as well.

At least this puts to rest the Sexy Rexy (Grossman) talks in Chicago, finally! We will miss you though. Neckbeard (Orton), we will also miss you.

Up next, Jerry Angelo while we have you listening to us, bring in Boldin, Plax, Braylon, Holt and/or Peppers. Orton, good luck.

J Cut welcome. You’re officially a Monster from the Midway tonight at 6PM.

Hey, at least we’re not getting Michael Vick! Go Bears!