Two Sad Endings of Two of Wrestlings Greatest Superstars

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIApril 3, 2009

In the sport of wrestling we see the rise of a superstar, the decline and than eventually a death of a legend. 

Andrew Martin (Test) was a recent superstar to be put to rest. There have been many different ways a superstar has lost their life the most popular one is due to drugs.

Either way, it is hard to see beloved wrestler's life end, but and some cases its hard to think of why the superstar did what they did and what was going through their head.

Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit were both exciting, talented, athletic wrestling superstars that fans grew up loving to watch. Both man had a long list of wrestling history and was just waiting for their turn to be at the top.

With their situations in WCW with the politics, the top stars not letting the mid-card star rise, contract disputes and management Guerrero and Benoit felt it was time to move on.

So with two other Radicalz (Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko) they ventured to the WWE, where they would find the grass is greener on the other side.

In they WWE they found them selves in more exciting feuds, and overall better matches that will be remembered forever.

After proving themselves and basically paying their dues to the WWE, it was finally their time to shine.

Eddie Guerrero finally got his shot at No Way Out where he would become the WWE champion and be the second Latino ever to hold the belt.

Eddie continued to showcase his skills in the ring and excite his beloved fans as a babyface or even as a heel.

But on one sad day of Nov. 13, 2005 Guerrero was found by Nephew Chavo Guerrero in his hotel room unconscious in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Chavo tried to revive his Uncle with CPR. It was too late; when the paramedics arrived, he was pronounced dead.

An autopsy showed the result of death was heart failure arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease. It was also stated by Chavo that Eddie had been working hard and was at peak physical fitness as a result, doing cardiovascular and weight training exercises every day.

It was a sad loss to fans and ones who knew the man Eddie Guerrero; let his legacy live on and be forever remembered.

Chris Benoit lost a close friend that he wrestled with for most of his career. Like many others Beniot was left with just memories.

Chris Benoit was waiting for his top spot to just like Eddie Guerrero. Chris Benoit won the historic 2004 Royal Rumble to claim his main event spot for the spectacular Wrestlemania 20.

On that night Benoit had a hard task at hand, as he had to go to battle against two past champions: Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

Chris Benoit would prove in that match that it was his time to shine and that the night was his. In a great performance, Chris Benoit claimed the World Heavyweight title.

Although Benoit has experienced this success before, it seemed this time around was much more special.

Chris Benoit would continue to go to battle with the likes of JBL, Orlando Jordan and Mr. Kennedy and many more.

Beniot would find himself in the Land of Extreme were he was looking to win some more gold by claiming the ECW title. But things ended up turning for the worst.

On June 19 Benoit beat Elijah Burke to become the challenger for the ECW title against CM Punk at Vengence. But Benoit would never make it to compete for the belt as the tragic story was starting to unfold.

Beniot informed WWE officials that his wife and son had been vomiting blood due to a bad case of food poisoning. Benoit would then be replaced by talented Johnny Nitro who would become the new ECW champion.

Nobody knows what was going through Benoit's head or what exactly went down behind the doors of the Benoit family house hold.

On June 25, 2007, Chris Benoit's wife, 7-year-old son Daniel and even himself where found dead on this tragic day.

WWE would put on a tribute to the man Chris Benoit, showing highlights of his career and having fellow wrestlers share personal messages and moments.

After receiving word on what actually went down and want became known as a double murder and suicide, WWE chose to distance them selves from the story and Benoit him self. WWE chose to pull the plug on merchandise and everything that was known of Chris Benoit was banished.

It was later revealed that Benoit and Nancy had three different drugs in their system and Daniel was found to have Xanax in his system as well. Which have people to believe was a big part that played in this tragic story.

Although the details of the case were revealed, many still speculate an intruder broke in and killed all three of the Benoit family. While others believe it was a case of steroids and too many bumps to the head that set off the ticking time bomb of Chris Beniot.

Although Benoit had to leave this world in such a twisted and tragic way, hopefully one day he can be remembered for his good acts in the wrestling ring instead of the acts he committed on that tragic day.

As more young athletes come to grow and become wrestling superstars, hopefully their lives will not end in the way Beniot did. Hopefully other wrestlers will not highly depend on drugs to depend on to ease their pain which will eventually get worse and lead to addiction and maybe even death.


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