True Underdogs: Five Things Villanova Must Do To Beat UNC

Steve ChottCorrespondent IApril 3, 2009

BOSTON - MARCH 28:  Scottie Reynolds #1 of the Villanova Wildcats celebrates after defeating the Pittsburgh Panthers to advance to the Final Four during the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament East Regionals at TD Banknorth Garden on March 28, 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

On Saturday, the Villanova Wildcats will be in their first NCAA Final Four since the 1985 championship run.

But, coming in as the underdogs once again, it seems this time that no one thinks they can win. The mighty North Carolina Tar Heels will dominate them on the way to their championship.

I am one of the people who believes that Villanova can beat UNC, and I am here to give you five reasons why this will happen.


Free throw shooting

Villanova sunk almost every shot from the free throw line against Pittsburgh, going an unheard of 22-23. Their free throw shooting will help out a lot when it comes time to face North Carolina.

The Wildcats play hard offensive basketball, and their specialty is driving to the rim, which gets them many foul shots. So if they're shooting many foul shots and making them, then it does prove a big advantage.



If I was a member of this Villanova team, I know that I would not want to make it this far and then just lose. They are here with a purpose and ready to take on any challenge.

They play every game with a high level of heart, determination, and intensity, which is a big thing that any NCAA Champion needs.



Another reason the Wildcats have gotten this far is from their bench play. They have many great players coming off the bench like Corey Fisher, Corey Stokes and Antonio Pena.

Stokes shoots 42.5 from the arc, and is generally their go to guy from the three point line. In my mind, Corey Fisher is a developing Scottie Reynolds. Fisher needs to protect the ball a little better, though.



We have all watched Villanova ride their momentum from the beginning of this tournament to the Final Four. And as we have seen in the NCAA Tournament, momentum can take a team very far.


The fifth reason...

...that Villanova will beat them is hard for me to word in a title, but it's the fact that UNC has been upset several times this season, while Villanova has lost to higher ranked, better teams.

Villanova's losses this year are against Texas, Marquette, UConn, West Virginia, Georgetown, and Louisville. All losses are against pretty good teams.

UNC's losses were against Boston College, Wake Forest, Maryland, and Florida State. Wake Forest and maybe Maryland are teams that they could have an excuse for losing to,  but there is no reason for them to lose to BC and FSU.

The players in this game will also make a big difference and there are two in particular that I am focusing on.


Villanova F, Dante Cunningham

Cunningham will play a very important role in this game, as he will be guarding UNC star Tyler Hansbrough. While he will have to play an important role on the defensive side of the ball, Cunningham also is important on offense.

Averaging 16.2 PPG and hitting more free throws then anyone else he will be their most important player in this game. If Cunningham has a bad game, they will all be in trouble.


Villanova G/F Dwayne Anderson

Since the Big East tournament, Dwayne Anderson has arrived as a dependable player. He averages 9.1 PPG and six rebounds, and has been hitting shots left and right from the three point line.


It is going to be a tough game for the Wildcats, but I do think that they can pull off their biggest upset yet.

The main reason "experts" think that Villanova can't win this game is because of their size. Well, Villanova has hung in there with some of the best big men already this year, beating DeJuan Blair and the Pittsburgh Panthers in the Elite Eight.

And since I have not doubted them once so far, I won't again. Villanova wins this game by three.

Tune in on Saturday, April 5th at 8:47 ET to see the Villanova Wildcats attempt to pull off yet another upset.


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