The 20 Best Sports Fakeouts You've Ever Seen

Kevin W. Ryan@@kevry88Contributor IIIJanuary 30, 2013

The 20 Best Sports Fakeouts You've Ever Seen

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    Professional athletes spend nearly every day of the year crafting their game to near-perfect levels, with one major method of madness being practicing set plays. 

    Teams like the San Antonio Spurs and New England Patriots similarly execute their respective offenses with near-assembly-line production, making the sport look incredibly easy in the process. 

    When teams mix up their offensive schemes for entertainment purposes, however, it makes sports truly enjoyable.

Honorable Mention: NLL's Shayne Jackson

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    The National Lacrosse League is the sport of indoor lacrosse's most elite level of play. 

    Like field lacrosse, an offensive player cannot step foot in the crease until a goal is scored, meaning players like Minnesota's (the homies in the honeycomb uniform) Shayne Jackson have to get creative to score goals.  

Kobe Fakes out All of Great Britain

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    It is always great to see the NBA's best players representing the United States in the Olympic Games.

    In the 2012 Summer Games in London, basketball icons Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant destroyed every team they faced with smooth offensive play—like this ball fake and mid-range jumper from none other than Kobe himself.

Joe Buck Ecstatic over Bears Trick Return

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    Week after week, Joe Buck's enthusiastic broadcasting takes over Fox Sports. 

    For those who are unaware of Buck's background in broadcasting, his Twitter bio reads, "No I don't hate your team. Get over it." What lovely word choice to introduce yourself to the world. 

    If you ignore the broadcasting in this highlight, the Bears special teams unit pulls off an incredible trick punt return on Green Bay late in the game.

    Unfortunately, the play was called back due to holding immediately after the ball was snapped. 

Super Fun at the Super Regional

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    In case you don't keep up to date with your college baseball, the Super Regional tournament winner lands a spot in the national championship tournament in Omaha, Nebraska.  

    In this Super Regional matchup, LSU fell victim to the hidden-ball trick with two outs and the bases loaded in Game 1 of the three-game series. The Tigers eventually lost the game 11-5—ending their incredible 23-game win streak. 

    The Tigers responded by taking Game 2 of the series after scoring seven unanswered runs in the final two innings to win 9-7. 

    In the decisive Game 3, LSU mopped Irvine 21-7 in the last game ever played in Alex Box Stadium, earning a spot in the 2008 national championship tournament in the process.

Pre-Chip Kelly Oregon

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    Before the four straight BCS bowl games, the ridiculous Nike "outfits" and the University of Oregon being a household powerhouse in college football, future Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dennis Dixon ran this fake Statue of Liberty play so effectively that the two announcers couldn't even figure it out. 

    Thanks to plays like this, Oregon football has nearly become a religion. 

    Long Live Puddles the Duck

A.I. Shakes Anthony Carter "Out of the Court"

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    Bleacher Report's NBA Analyst John Friel ranked former Philadelphia 76ers guard as the 11th-best point guard in NBA history, and this insane step-back jump shot is perfect evidence as to why. 

    Iverson spent 14 years at the NBA level with three different teams, earning over $154 million in the process. 

Patty Kane's Shootout Winner

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    Needing just one goal to seal the shootout win for the Chicago Blackhawks, superstar forward Patrick Kane paused, faked, paused again, ordered a pizza and then finally shook the goalie and buried the game winner. 

NFL Preseason Has Its Perks

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    Though the NFL preseason exhibition games mean nothing for the regular-season standings, 2012's preseason games still received higher TV ratings than the sports world's second-biggest professional league (NASCAR) and the hit show Big Brother

    In the Hall of Fame Game played by the Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans, the Titans ran an amazing fake on 4th-and-10 for a touchdown. 

Welcome to Baton Rouge

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    It is widely recognized that Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, La., is one of the most difficult atmospheres in which to play in all of sports. 

    Brad Wing's incredible fake punt on 4th-and-15 would have been a 50-yard touchdown had he not been so ecstatic once he reached the 6-yard line. He received a flag for excessive celebration as a result.

    LSU and Florida fans alike will never forget this one, regardless of whether it showed up on the scoreboard or not. 

KHL All-Star Game Trickery

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    Due to a labor negotiation lockout this year, many of the NHL's biggest stars were forced to play abroad

    The world's top hockey league outside of the NHL is the Kontinental Hockey League, which features 26 hockey clubs that play all over Eastern Europe. 

    This suave shootout goal scored by Jori Lehtera was one of the most creative shootout attempts in hockey history. 

Water Tower Football Town

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    Urban legend holds that the strongest football towns in America proudly boast their city name on a water tower.

    This peewee league football play is dubbed as "the cheapest play to ever grace the sport of football," but it was brilliantly executed for a huge touchdown run. 

2004 Auburn Trick Play

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    On the first drive of the 2004 Auburn-Arkansas game, the Tigers ran a reverse play to lead a flea-flicker pass that eventually scored a 77-yard touchdown. 

    A somewhat less impressive reverse play once earned itself an entire article devoted to breaking down the "anatomy" of the play, further proving how ridiculous this trick play was. 

Alex Ovechkin Play off the Boards

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    Russian hockey superstar Alex Ovechkin's play off the errant pass was wild enough to make this list on its own, but his nickname is "Alex the Great" for a reason.

    This will go down as one of the greatest goals scored in NHL history.  

Antwaan Randle El's Super Bowl Trick Play

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    In the extremely close Super Bowl XL against the Seattle Seahawks, the Steelers ran a wild trick play that featured former Indiana Hoosier quarterback Antwaan Randle El taking a reverse handoff and chucking it to Hines Ward. It ultimately clinched the game, giving the Steelers the Super Bowl victory. 

The Real Black Mamba

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    Meet De'Anthony Thomas, one of the most explosive athletes in college football history. 

    Thomas is better known as "The Black Mamba"—a nickname bestowed on him during his youth football days by none other than Snoop Lion, not a self-given title like Kobe Bryant's. 

    Seemingly every play Oregon runs for "DAT" involves some form of trickery, including read-options, jet motion handoffs or the always entertaining fake lateral pass during a kick return (as shown in the video). 

    To give you an idea of how insane Thomas is on the field, his 2011 Rose Bowl performance consisted of just two rushes for 155 yards and two touchdowns—the second of which he literally jogged the last 30 yards.

Saskatchewan Roughriders Incredible Play

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    Had the final runner scored a touchdown, this would easily be the most insane play in the history of professional football. 

    With literally zero seconds on the clock, the quarterback runs a pass play and is sacked. Incredibly, the ball was fumbled before he was down and was recovered by an offensive lineman, who then pitches the ball back and starts this ridiculous play. 

    After numerous lateral passes that kept the play alive, the final runner was stopped just a few yards shy of an incredible touchdown. 

Miracle in Music City

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    With just 16 seconds remaining in the game, the Tennessee Titans special teams unit pulled off an incredible kick return to score the game-winning touchdown and advance into the next round of the NFL playoffs. 

    The Titans would eventually beat Indianapolis and Jacksonville to advance into the Super Bowl, which they lost to the St. Louis Rams by literally one yard

Super Bowl Surprise

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    In the days after Hurricane Katrina pummeled the South, it seemed like everyone but Colts fans wanted the New Orleans Saints to win the 2010 Super Bowl. 

    Down four points, New Orleans shocked the 106 million viewers by executing a surprise onside kick to start the second half.

Pavel Datsyuk's Magic Hands

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    Hockey fans worldwide recognize that Pavel Datsyuk has the best handles in the NHL, and this shootout goal is perfect evidence why. 

    The reason this perfectly timed floater worked so effectively is because the rest of his shootout goals are so incredible that Datsyuk is simply too difficult to study. 

Michigan State vs. Notre Dame Instant Classic

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    In overtime of the 2010 rivalry game between college football powerhouses Notre Dame and Michigan State, MSU lined up a 46-yard field goal to tie the game and send it into a second overtime period.

    Incredibly, the Spartans faked the kick, and kicker Dan Conroy converted a pass to win the game.

    After the game was called, Notre Dame fans proved that the game clock expired before the kick was snapped, which should have given Michigan State a five-yard penalty on the play. 

Lady Liberty Puts Boise State on the Map

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    "If Rocky Balboa were a football team, he is the Broncos." 

    The 2007 Fiesta Bowl between Boise State and Oklahoma was arguably the greatest college football game in NCAA history. 

    After blowing a 21-10 halftime lead to the Adrian Peterson-led Oklahoma Sooners, Boise State was forced to take the field with just over one minute to play. 

    Incredibly, Boise quarterback Jared Zabransky threw an interception for a touchdown to give Oklahoma the lead with 1:02 remaining. 

    With literally one last shot to win the game, Boise converted on 4th-and-18 with 17 seconds left on a "hook and ladder" trick play.

    On the first play in overtime, future NFL sensation Peterson rushed for a touchdown to give Oklahoma the lead. After failing to score, Boise State was forced to score a touchdown on yet another fourth down. 

    Boise called another trick play by sending the quarterback in motion and having a wide receiver throw a touchdown pass. 

    Instead of kicking the extra point, Boise ran one final trick play, "The Statue of Liberty," for the two-point conversion to win the game, 43-42. 

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