My Wrestlemania XXV Predictions

Yair GalavizCorrespondent IApril 3, 2009

Well, its that time of year once again. Wrestlemania is upon us and I wanted to write my predictions for this historic night.  Lets get started!

-Edge vs. John Cena vs. Big Show in a Triple Threat match for the World Hvt. Championship -

I believe this will be the main event, and I will explain myself on my prediction to the WWE title match. As far as this match, this will be won by John Cena. As much as we hate it, they will want to end the show on a high note and Cena winning the title will be the ending for this Pay Per view. Vicky will get the "attitude adjustment", so will Big Show and he will be pinned.
WINNER: John Cena

- Triple H vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title -

For me, this should be the main event at Mania, however, I believe that the WWE would want a "happy ending" to the show. For this match, it will be anything but. I believe there will be a spot were Triple H will have his Sledgehammer or do something to get discualified, this will bring Vince to make it a no DQ. Even as a no DQ match, Randy Orton will win the title. IT would be a slap in the face to have Randy lose this match. Its his time to shine.
WINNER: Randy Orton

-Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker -

This match will be the one that steals the show. This will be the Hulk vs Andre, Rock vs Austin, Hogan vs Rock, Flair vs HBK. It will have great spots and memorable moments. I assume we will even see a Ladder in this match and someone going thru a table. This is a very hard prediction but I believe Undertaker will win this match. Obviously with Shawn being Mr. Wrestlemania and both men stealing the show. We will have a hand shake at the end and the Texas Crow going crazy for these two legends.
WINNER: The Undertaker

-Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy in an Extreme Rules match -

This is really a no brainer. I believe it will be a fun match with alot of crazy spots. In the end, Jeff Hardy will win this match and move on looking for a REAL title hunt and run. They will put an end to this lame feud.
WINNER: Jeff Hardy

-The 25-Diva battle royal -

Well, Who knows who will win here. I assume Santino will somehow be involved and probably cost the Glamazon from winning this title. I think that Michelle McCool might win it or a "surprise" Trish fighting off Beth at the end with Trish winning it.
WINNER Michelle McCool (maybe Trish if she`s in it)

-Money in the Bank Ladder Match with C.M. Punk, Mark Henry, Kane, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Kofi Kingston, Christian, and Finlay-

This match will be a fisical one. Alot of high flying spots mixed with some power. I dont personally like all the guys in this match but I think it can be fun. The only three that can really win it are MVP, Shelton Benjamin, and Cristian. However, I believe Shelton will take this one home. MVP will probably get his shot this year, but not by winning MITB.
WINNER: Shelton Benjamin

-John Morrison and The Miz vs. Primo and Carlito in a lumberjack match to unify the WWE and World Tag Titles-

I believe this will be a GREAT match. I would like for Miz and Morrison to win this match but looking ahead at the draft, I believe they will end up on seperate brands with Morrison finally going after some individual titles. I hope Miz and Morrison will win, but it will be the Colons.
WINNER: Primo and Carlito

-JBL vs. Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Title -

There is very little buildup for this match. They will have a short time to work so I give this one to Rey Mysterio. I dont see why JBL should have a title belt at this point
WINNER: Rey Mysterio

-Chris Jericho vs. Ricky Steamboat, Roddy Piper, and Jimmy Snuka -

Now, I would of LOVED a Jericho vs Hogan or Austin match. It would of been FANTASTIC, However, I think this match will be fun. I know that Piper and Snuka will be eliminated REALLY quickly and it will end up being Jericho vs Steamboat. We will have interference by Ric Flair and Mickey Rourke with the Legends winning the match. I can even see Austin coming out after the match when Jericho gets pissed of and goes after Flair, giving Jericho a few stunners and getting all them Texans crazy.

I think this could be a Great Show. Lets see Monday how I did with these predictions.