Clinching and Un-Clinching Cricketing Records

Rohini IyerSenior Writer IApril 3, 2009

For the "Record," I am tired of watching the monotonous and clearly unrhetorical "Record Breaking" version of cricket these days with words like "milestone" clearly not adding any substantial weightage to the game.

There is hardly any aspect of the sport that has yet not been eclipsed and given the way more paths are supposed to be breaking through, I am afraid I might lose all my pent- up passion and end up with a severe issue of "Burn- Out!"

The ICC should with immediate effect cancel out the "R" word from its cricketing dictionary; because in the current scenario nobody can be sure of who will actually have something to his credit.

Frankly speaking, me, who has grown- up watching cricket can say that if I were to be  asked questions from the cricketing encyclopedia, I wouldn't be able to answer a single one. Not a single one!

Technically I know everything but relatively I know nothing. I am as much an ignoramus as I am about American football statistics. Shame, pure unadulterated shame!

In my opinion records and milestones are like a miracle: They just happen like a bolt from the blue. Nobody knows when a miracle is going to happen but when it does, its the best thing which could have occurred.

When I was growing up, notching a double century was a monumental task equivalent to climbing the highest peak on earth; over the years the double tripled yet the double century achievers were held in high esteem.

These days however, somehow even the triple seems to be inadequate; and what about the 200 run bench mark guys? They are mentioned in passing: "Today so and so hit a double century marking a promise to go beyond the three ton mark!"

It appears as if the announcer is doing a great favour by mentioning his double ton and anticipating that somewhere in the days to come, the concerned person will hit a threesome and until then what about what he has achieved today? Is not worth more than just a passing glance?

Looking at all this, I wonder whether cricketers today couple their country spirit with a desire to add more accolades to their resume. Cricket at the international level appears more perfunctory.

The zeal, the ecstasy, the passion still visible but is it just a facade and a poise for our benefit or has the importance shifted from the game to carving a niche in the media market?

Personally, I don't care much about this modernised and the well tabulated and almost daily updated so- called records and they don't mean anything to me as a fan; considering the amount of series a particular nation plays each year, inching and edging past old history is hardly a matter to gloat over.

Till few decades ago, very few tournaments were contested apart from the World Cup and the scheduling of these events wasn't round- the- clock thus making the achievements of the bygone cricketers far more superior than what these guys do today.

No, I don't mean to downplay what some of recent cricketers have achieved.

They have done the best and some are still good at their profession; what I am trying to say is if Sachin Tendulkar is the highest run getter in the game now, his record should stand at least till it penetrates the last vestiges of our brain and not just evaporate by touching a mere surface!


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