Sheffield, Parking At Citi, Rain...and You Suck At Driving

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IApril 3, 2009

CHICAGO - APRIL 12:  Gary Sheffield #3 of the Detroit Tigers bats against the Chicago White Sox on April 12, 2008 at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The Daily News clearly had nothing to write about this morning.  Let me tell you right now...

There is no way Gary Sheffield will be a Met.

They didn't want Manny Ramirez for eight weeks for a buck and a quarter in 2008, now they are going to bring in a surly Sheffield to be a role player?   I know Omar likes his cheap retreads but I can't imagine them bringing in this guy to complain every time Dan Murphy goes oh for four.

This is a guy who accused Joe Torre of being racist.  Being Doc Gooden's nephew stopped being interesting twenty years ago.

There's a better chance of the Mets signing me to make this dopey blog go away.   Ain't happening.

On to the weather...

I was soooo excited last night.  Like Christmas Eve.   I got up early and Bill Evans on Channel 7 crushed me with this forecast.  He should have just said Santa is dead.

For those of you who are cheapos like me, parking in Corona is tough this morning.  It's alternate side of the street parking day - so you will find lots of other Mets fans circling for spots that don't exist.  Alt-side expires at 10:30 so if you're reading this later in the day you should be OK.

The NYPD has declared 114th between 34th and 37th to be a "No Parking Friday" zone - so that eats up even more free spots.   There are temporary signs on fences, so look carefully.  I had parked and walked half a block before I noticed one.   Nothing better than a ticket or a towed car after a rain out.

I'm still standing by the 5 Reasons we'll be at Citi tonight and I'll add a 6th - the Red Sox aren't showing up because they need practice.  I'm sure they were your $6 beer will offset that cost.

Finally, I hereby declare myself the Best Driver In NYC.  I am the only person who can drive 55 in the rain.  If you'd like an autograph I will be the fat guy with the blue (not black) Mets sweatshirt and the blue (not black) Mets hat by the RF gate around 5.  Come say hi.

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