Just Wondering: Sporting Tidbits

Mike DAnalyst IApril 3, 2009

A few questions from the recent news coming from the world of sports.

-    Reports out of the NFL Combine had draft hopeful Rey Maualuga misspelling his own name on the Wonderlic test. If I only had one question I was allowed to ask, it would be “Which one gave you more trouble, ‘Rey’ or ‘Maualuga’ ?”


-   Now that Dana White appears to really be in hot water over his recent video blog regarding Lorretta Hunt, are all of his past homosexual slurs going to be made retro-active ?


-    Since approximately the beginning of 2009 in the UFC, I have noticed that the fighter with the worst case of Cauliflower Ear has won 88.7 percent of the time. I wonder if the Odds-makers in Vegas take that into account when determining the favorite.


-    After watching the first episode of The Ultimate Fighter : US vs UK and hearing fighter after fighter tell everyone “Me greatest strength is wrestling” or “Me greatest strength is boxing”, why didn’t my parents tell me that Popeye was from the United Kingdom?


-    Sticking with The Ultimate Fighter theme...on my first day of work at ACME Inc, if my boss greeted me by saying “Welcome to ACME Inc, mother f***er”, I’m pretty sure I would hop right back in my car and go back to bed.


-   I would put a small wager on B.J. Penn if they ever put him in the Octagon with all of the Lightweight TUF hopefuls and told him he is not allowed to strike at all, he must submit everyone of them…in the same day.


-    A fellow writer on Bleacher Report recently quoted Dan Marino telling everyone that the only quarterback he considers greater than himself is Peyton Manning. Anyone else think Dan underestimates a certain key aspect of playing football ?


-    Cedric Maxwell, a former Boston Celtic teammate of Larry Bird and now a radio broadcaster who provides analysis for Celtics games, has gone on record as proclaiming Dirk Nowitzki a better basketball player than the legendary Larry Joe Bird. I can’t think of an intelligent reply.


That’s all for now. Speaking of Boston Celtics announcers, allow me to leave you with my all-time favorite You-Tube clip: enjoy.