Former WWE Diva Interview: Tough Enough, FCW/NXT, Trish Stratus and More

SMG@sethguttAnalyst IIJanuary 24, 2013

The diva formerly known as Sofia Cortez joined me on PWPRadio (photo credit:
The diva formerly known as Sofia Cortez joined me on PWPRadio (photo credit:

On Jan. 23, 2013, I had the pleasure of speaking with former WWE Tough Enough contestant and FCW/NXT Diva Ivelisse Velez (Sofia Cortez) on my wrestling radio show, “Oh You Didn’t Know!?” on Radio to discuss Tough Enough, NXT, the independent scene and more.

Velez will be facing Reby Sky at FWE Wrestling’s No Limits event on Feb. 16th, but we discussed more than just her upcoming match.

The first question I had for Ivelisse Velez was what it meant to be an anti-Diva.

Anti-Diva, I mean, it’s pretty down to the point. It’s exactly what it sounds like; it’s just the mentality of pretty much being against what it stands for what a cookie-cutter Diva is supposed to be. Usually, you have WWE talent to be looked at as the best of the best, and usually how they want Divas to be portrayed is not something I agree with. I believe in strong female competitors, you know, that can be just as good as the guys, and that’s basically what an anti-Diva means.

Velez went on to explain that when she began watching wrestling, which was around the Attitude Era time, there were plenty of anti-Divas. Women mentioned included Trish status, Lita, Tara and Jazz as anti-Divas who stood out to her when she was watching wrestling. Velez also mentioned that she wanted to bring that back to WWE, but it didn’t work out. Unfortunately, Velez couldn’t speak or wouldn’t say exactly why.

The next part of the discussion revolved around WWE's Tough Enough and FCW/NXT. I asked Ivelisse Velez to explain the difference between the two.

Both are two completely, entirely different worlds. NXT, which when I was there was FCW and I was out there through the transition to become NXT, is a very, very busy kind of schedule and a lot of training and a lot of work. Tough Enough was pretty hard, but it was obviously a shorter time period. You have different stuff like the challenges in Tough Enough we did and you get to meet a couple of the stars.

There have not been many people who were involved with both Tough Enough and NXT, so it was such a pleasure to hear from Ivelisse.

My co-host, John “JCD” Dimicelli, asked Ivelisse about TNA and whether or not someone from that company had reached out to her. Unfortunately, she couldn’t say too much.

I can’t really talk about that, but thank God I’ve had a lot of activity happen. I just got back from Mexico…there’s a lot of stuff going on right now, so even though I can’t comment, I will say just that there is a lot going on and a lot planned.

Ivelisse Velez definitely hinted that we may be seeing her in TNA in the future, and it would be excellent for her career and future. Speaking of which, Velez spoke of how she ultimately hopes to make it to the movies. We have seen a number of people from wrestling such as The Rock, Hulk Hogan and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin make the transition to the movies.

You can listen to the full interview and podcast by clicking here.





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