Brock Lesnar: Ryback and 5 Must-See Feuds for the WWE Superstar in 2013

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Brock Lesnar: Ryback and 5 Must-See Feuds for the WWE Superstar in 2013

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    According to, Brock Lesnar has been offered another one-year contract from WWE and two huge feuds have been discussed.

    While those feuds would certainly be intriguing, Lesnar has the opportunity to wrestle more than just John Cena and Triple H. These feuds are less believable without any reason for WWE fans to care about Lesnar’s matches.

    Superstars such as Ryback open up brand new, never-before-seen feuds for Brock Lesnar in 2013. Feuds with current or future champions also make for great feuds as they give fans reason to care.

    With that said, here are five must-see feuds for Brock Lesnar in 2013.


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    Ryback and Brock Lesnar are similar in size and strength, making a feud between the two very intriguing.

    Although Lesnar and Goldberg didn’t have a great match or feud with one another, it had nothing to do with their size and strength.

    Instead, it had to do with the fact that they knew it was their last match in WWE, giving them less motivation to put on a good show.

    Ryback is an up-and-coming WWE Superstar who will most likely be a World champion at some point in 2013. Brock Lesnar needs to stop wrestling other part-time wrestlers and begin to challenge current top Superstars in WWE.

    Ryback as World champion would be a great fit for Brock Lesnar in 2013.


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    Another WWE Superstar with similar size and strength as Lesnar is the former WWE and World Heavyweight champion, the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus.

    Sheamus has been impressive in the past with the moves he has been able to pull off on someone like Big Show, making a feud with Lesnar must-see.

    Right now, Sheamus is lost without anything to do since Alberto Del Rio began his feud with the Big Show over the World Heavyweight Championship. A feud with Lesnar could help push Sheamus back to relevancy in the WWE.

    Sheamus has had difficulty rising to be the next top babyface in WWE due to his corny jokes and becoming the next silly John Cena.

    A feud with Lesnar could help Sheamus become popular once again with WWE fans.

Alberto Del Rio

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    The current WWE World Heavyweight champion, Alberto Del Rio, would give WWE fans and Brock Lesnar the perfect situation.

    As a champion, Del Rio and Brock Lesnar’s feud would be extremely relevant. Plus, Del Rio is one of the better wrestlers in WWE, which would be good for Lesnar.

    Del Rio has a tendency to make his opponents look great in the ring, even if they are not the best wrestlers.

    Del Rio is also great on the mic so realignment between Heyman and Lesnar would be a must. Lesnar could do quite the damage to Ricardo Rodriguez, which has been the trigger for Del Rio to get involved with other Superstars.


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    Surprisingly, Kane and Brock Lesnar did not have a feud during Lesnar’s original stint in WWE, despite feuding with Kane’s brother, the Undertaker.

    Although Lesnar and Kane were both in their primes years ago, a feud between the two would be very entertaining.

    They are both monsters in their own way, so it would be interesting to see who becomes the bigger monster and tortures the other.

    Lesnar once discussed being envious of Kane due to the fact that the Big Red Machine wore a mask, easily separating his work and personal life. Lesnar could bring up the fact that Kane hides behind a mask (for most of his career) and that he would like to unmask Kane once again.

CM Punk

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    WWE fans should be intrigued by a possible match between Paul Heyman’s two clients, Brock Lesnar and WWE champion CM Punk.

    Paul Heyman is well-known for being Brock Lesnar’s mouthpiece when the monster has been in WWE except for when WWE decided to turn Lesnar face.

    Who would Heyman align with in a feud between Lesnar and Punk?

    It would make the most sense for Heyman to choose Lesnar. CM Punk is one of the best talkers in WWE today and never really needed Paul Heyman to help him out.

    Their association on TV was to give Punk even more heat and give Paul Heyman something to do after Lesnar left temporarily.

    Again, having a feud with a champion such as CM Punk is a must-see situation for Brock Lesnar and WWE fans everywhere.


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    Brock Lesnar’s time in WWE in 2012 was surrounded by a feud with another part-time wrestler and to give John Cena something to do after his WrestleMania match with The Rock.

    Remember that the best feuds have more meaning than just to see a great wrestling match. Lesnar was not the best wrestler, despite his unbelievable strength.

    Although we all want to see Lesnar in some great matches, equally great stories should accompany those matches.

    Which of these feuds would you be most excited for? Who would you like to see Brock Lesnar in a feud with in 2013?

    Please leave all comments, suggestions and ideas in the section below.




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