UFC's Dana White: An Effin Embarassment to Mixed Martial Arts

Take TenCorrespondent IApril 3, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 08:  TV Personality Joe Rogan and UFC president Dana White pose in the press room during the 4th Annual Spike TV 2006 Video Game Awards held at The Galen Center on December 8, 2006 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spike TV)

Dana White is a disgrace.

His latest display of openly hostile and verbal attacks directed against a female journalist crossed the line.

In little over three minutes of airtime, Dana White managed to orchestrate his greatest symphony of vitriol, spewing forth an impressive 40 profanities (by some estimates) touching on slurs against women, gays, and mentality handicapped people.

A video of the three-minute diatribe can be found here

If you are familiar with the UFC, chances are you are well familiar with Dana White and his particular brand of gruff.... shall we say, leadership.

White, the president and face of the UFC, is often credited for bringing the sport of MMA into the mainstream consciousness. 

Unfortunately, as big as White has managed to grow the UFC, he might ultimately be the poison that kills it. 

Currently undergoing unprecedented growth, MMA is still struggling in some circles to gain credibility, legitimacy, and support from mainstream minds. Detractors often criticize the brutal nature of the sport.

But perhaps equally disturbing for some is the wild eyed gladiatorial personalities that notable fighters often cultivate. Not all, UFC athletes measure up to the role model status we are used to from our MLB, NBA, NFL, or NHL athletes.

In fact, the UFC continues to tread a fine line between what is acceptable and what is not. 

Perhaps the biggest problem comes from the very top of the UFC. Dana White, after all, is the mouthpiece and guiding hand for the branding of his fighters and his product. 

Quite frankly, this is where White's hard-nosed "come-get-some" frat boy personality comes up woefully short.

If the UFC is going to elevate to a level that can be respected, here are my humble words of advice to Dana White:

Dress like a man

Enough with the easy-breezy, collar buttons undone, blazer and jeans ensemble.

I'm not the fashion police, just the common sense police. Expressing yourself through easy going fashion is a nice liberty. It's also a liberty saved for the months in between NOT having to show up for national televised events and fight nights.

This isn't a night out at the club with your home boys Dana. This is you representing a prestigious multi-million dollar organization to the world. Wear a tie and suit and look like you know where you are. 

For the love of God, stop with the ridiculous usage of profanity.

I mean seriously. I don't think I've ever heard a guy with less verbal inhibition abilities. How can fathers take their boys to watch UFC events, if he can't even let his son watch Dana White press conferences without their ears bleeding?

Donovan McNabb once said it best, "keep my name outchya mouth."

Dana White just needs to shut up, about everyone. You don't need to trash talk everybody who comes your way.

In fact, it's just so low class. I can't understand why the heck this guy feels so compelled to squabble with every single fighter, journalist, and grandmother who challenges him. 

Never make home
video blogs  again, please.

At your level of the game, your preferred method of communication to the media is called a press conference. You don't get tanked up and sit on your couch with your buddies and make profanity laden tirades to post on the web.

White needs to remember he can never be anything less than a rock solid leader.

As a martial artist and fan of MMA, I know that the sport embodies so many positive qualities, which have not been adequately reflected in the UFC's President.

Dana White has severely embarrassed MMA with his latest conduct. If this man truly represents MMA in America, then friends, I am ashamed to be an MMA fan today.