Chelsea's Eden Hazard Sent off After 'Kicking' at a Swansea Ball Boy

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Chelsea's Eden Hazard Sent off After 'Kicking' at a Swansea Ball Boy

In one of the most bizarre incidents you're likely to ever see take place on a football field, Chelsea's Eden Hazard was sent off on Wednesday evening for allegedly kicking the Swansea ball boy.

With just 10 minutes to go and the Blues two goals down in the Capital One Cup semifinal, tensions were high among the players as they desperately sought a pivotal goal.

After Demba Ba fired well wide, one of Swansea's ball boys was more than relaxed in his efforts to recover the ball and return it to Gerhard Tremmel. That's where Hazard comes in.

The Belgian raced over to hurry the proceedings, but the ball boy refused to comply.

What followed was an irate Belgian, pushed for time and eager to continue, pushing the ball boy over. When the ball boy still refused to relinquish the can view his reaction here:

The controversial moment has soured Swansea's advancing to the Capital One Cup final, but it's also drawn spectators straight down the middle as to whether it's an obvious red card or a horrendous decision by the referee.

Kicking us off is the official Chelsea Twitter account:


Norwegian journalist Thore Haugstad asks why the ball boy was gripping onto the ball for dear life:


A parody account popped up within minutes and, with shades of the Anfield cat, tweeted some fighting talk:


What's your opinion on the incident?

Hazard clearly kicked something, but was it the ball or the boy? Or are the correct question marks surrounding why the Belgian felt it necessary to kick anything at all?

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