Jay Cutler To Chicago: Now Who Do You Throw To?

John ManzoContributor IApril 2, 2009

The Chicago Bears got the franchise quarterback that has been anticipated to arrive now since Rex Grossman became a bust. Pro Bowl Quarterback Jay Cutler is now a Chicago Bear.

The Broncos are reported to receive quarterback Kyle Orton, the Bears 2009 and 2010 first round picks, and a 2009 third round pick. Is that too much? I believe so looking at the Bears depth chart.

The Chicago Bears do not have the wide receivers to win a Super Bowl. A division crown is a possibility, but this does not put Chicago among the elite teams in the NFL.

You can have the most expensive wallet on the market, but what is that wallet without money? The answer your looking for is nothing. Cutler may be the future of the Chicago Bears, but without wide receivers he's nothing.

My mistake he has deep threat Brandon Rideau. Wow this was quite the mistake in my mind by the Chicago Bears.

I almost forgot the Bears can select a star wide receiver with their first round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, or wait a year and get that star in 2010. Oh my bad, they traded all of those picks away. The Bears better find a sleeper at wide receiver, Matt Forte cannot carry the Bears without a passing attack.

On the other sideline, I view the Broncos as the winners' of the deal. They unloaded a disgruntled quarterback, added a veteran quarterback, and snagged three quality draft picks in the process that could become a future quarterback as well.

Who would have thought trading a pro bowl quarterback would feel so good.

The Denver Broncos are officially on Mile High, as for the Bears...You better run the football, or have fun losing to the win less Lions twice in 2009.