Walker's Final Four Rants

Dumont WalkerSenior Analyst IApril 1, 2009

WASHINGTON - MARCH 27: Alex Ovechkin #8 of the Washington Capitals celebrates a Caps goal against the Tampa Bay Lightning on March 27, 2009 at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Another week in the books and that means it is time, once again, for another edition of Walker’s Rants. This week we are talking March Madness, college basketball coaching, some NFL and who knows what else?

So, sit back and get ready to enjoy the ride.


The Denver Broncos are willing to trade Jay Cutler. Like we did not see that move coming for the last six weeks.

UNC and UConn have put on two of the most dominating performances in NCA Tournament history.

Seriously, it is not news that Andrew Bynum was walking around with a Playboy Bunny on his shoulders.

Those actions neither helped nor helped his rehab process I assure you. Post some when Bynum is playing pickup games in the park when he is supposed to be out on rehab.

John Calipari jumps ship to go to Kentucky—Can’t say I am too surprised that he was willing to bail on Memphis; however, I do think his stint at UK will go better than his time in the NBA.

KG’s knee is banged up and I believe the Celtics are hiding how severe that injury truly is.

$1.7 million! That’s what UVA is paying Tony Benett. Simply insane! He better take the Hoos to a NCAA tourney in the first two-years, seriously.

John McCain wants a pardon for first black heavyweight champion Jack Johnson. That may be the first worthwhile piece of legislation McCain has ever come up with.

On March 17, the Redskins insisted they have no interest in Jay Cutler; on April 1, the Redskins make an offer to the Bronco’s to trade for Jay Cutler—you got to love the way that organization works…

Baseball season starts on Sunday that means I will start paying attention in October—that Tiger Woods fellow is pretty damn good huh?

Guess that whole surgery thing worked out well for him.

Nice the MARFU (Mid Atlantic Rugby Football Union) has an embezzlement conspiracy—$150K?

That’s a lot of mullah to pocket and have nobody notice.

So, the 49’ers don’t want Matt Stafford because he won’t open up to the team psychologist about his parent’s divorce. It Makes sense to me.

Allen Iverson will not go quietly into the night. I wonder what team he will wreck next season.

Despite picking up a win this week, the U.S. soccer team has looked horrible as of late.

There is no way Bruce Pearl leaves Tennessee to go to Memphis, I just don’t see it happening.

So, let me get this one straight, the halfway house Mike Vick is supposed to be sentenced to may not have enough space therefore he gets out of jail early?

What type of justice is that?

I can’t believe the Caps have made it this far to a second place finish in the East.

Just goes to show a team with a plan and the willingness to stick to that plan is a dangerous thing. Well-done Caps!

Get yourself ready, District for Disaster (an RFD PPV coming in May) It’s going to be huge.