Stealing All The Spotlight: The Top 10 Athletes That Flooded ESPN

L.C. May@lcmay474Correspondent IApril 2, 2009

Every sports fan in the world has heard of ESPN. If you are a sports fan and you have never heard of ESPN, then you must live at the bottom of the ocean because I know most people are familiar with ESPN.

With that in mind, I have decided to write about the 10 most talked about athletes on ESPN, and I will work my way up the list to the most recognized athlete.


10. Brett Favre

Yes, I know, he is now retired from the NFL, but he was mentioned on ESPN hundreds of times throughout his career. He was especially mentioned on ESPN when he came out of retirement to play one more of year of football.

ESPN mainly talked about what teams were interested in him, and this went on for two weeks straight, which puts Favre on my list.

9. C.C. Sabathia

As one of the most popular pitchers in the MLB right now, Sabathia was talked about on ESPN for at least two weeks or more, and is still till this day being mentioned on ESPN at least twice a week because of different things.

He was mainly talked about during his deal with the Yankees, but also received some talk time during his time at the Brewers at the end of last season.


8. Albert Haynesworth

Haynesworth has made it to my number eight simply because he was the most talked about free agent, along with someone else, whom I will mention later.

He was discussed on ESPN because of all the teams that wanted him, and was further mentioned after he signed a six year, $100 million million dollar deal with the Redskins.

Today, Haynesworth is mentioned yet again, but this time as part of the allegations the Titans are filing against the Redskins for their improper pursuit of the former Tennessee lineman.


7. LeBron James

James has not really had anything big happen to him, yet he is talked about on ESPN more than any other NBA player. The main reason he is talked about is because he is arguably the best player in the NBA right now.


6. Terell Owens

Because of all the drama behind Terrel Owens, he has found himself at No. 6 on my list.

He was talked about on ESPN because of his attitude during his late-season spat with the Cowboys, his time as a free agent and what teams anted him, and how the Bills were going to be his fourth NFL team in his career.

ESPN had a field day with Owens.


5. Tiger Woods

Now, it isn't hard to figure out why Tiger Woods made it to No. 5 on my list. With his comeback in the Arnold Palmer tournament, and his return in golf had ESPN mention him every day.

ESPN does not talk about golf much, but when they do, there is a 95-percent chance that they will mention Tiger Woods.

4. Roger Clemens

He might not be a pitcher anymore, but ESPN has gone crazy ever since he was linked to steroids.

Every time you hear about steroids, you hear all about all the drama wrapped around Roger Clemens. I can promise you that Clemens has been talked about on ESPN for two years because of steroids.


3. Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps made it to No. 3 because he won eight Olympic gold medals in the 2008 Summer Games, which broke the previous record. ESPN mentioned him several times because of this.

Unfortunately though, his shining moment on ESPN was not for his medals in the Olympics, but instead, ESPN a field day when a British tabloid published a picture of the great Michael Phelps smoking a marijuana pipe.

This extensive coverage by ESPN's consisted of Phelp' sponsorship loss, his suspension, and the disappointment of his fans.


2. Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds made it to number two because of the countdown ESPN had for him before he broke the home run record. They had coverage of him for several weeks because of that, and because of the fact that he was being accused of steroids.

To this day, ESPN discusses if Barry Bonds deserved the home run record.


1. Alex Rodriguez

The time is here for me to name Mr. Recognition. And the award for the most storied athlete goes to....


Whether ESPN was discussing whether or not he might break Barry Bonds's home run record, or how he admitted to taking steroids, or his recovery after his recent hip surgery, and analysts even discussed the rumor he and Madonna were dating.


I hope you liked my choices, but feel free to comment and let me know who you think are the 10 most talked about athletes on ESPN.