Forget This Year's MVP Race, Let's Fast Forward to the Future

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIApril 2, 2009

In today's fast-pace game of the NBA, you get to see many stars shine bright.

But some shine brighter than others and stand out to claim the well-deserved MVP title.

If you look at today's game, some of the stars you think of are in the MVP race right now: Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, Chris Paul, and Dwight Howard and the list goes on.

Let's take a deeper look at the stars who could one day claim the prize and might even bring their team a NBA Championship.


Kevin Durant

This talented prospect blasted onto the scene, being picked No. 2 in the '07-'08 NBA draft sporting a Seattle Supersonics uniform. He did not participate in this year's All Star game due to his team's early struggles to win games with a young team. But don't put your head down just yet, Mr. Durant, as things could be much different next year.

This athlete is talented and one day will be able to make the OKC Thunder, a respected team in the NBA. Durant is fourth in overall scoring this season and, with a better supporting cast, who know's how far the Thunder can go next year? Durant is in his second season in the NBA and is already considered a leader of a young and struggling team.

With the way Durant is playing these days, no one can help but wonder what the future holds for the young star.

I have a few ideas, but they would require the front office to step up and supply the support for Durant and the Thunder before you can see a dominant force not just in a team, but in Durant himself. So ladies and gentlemen, be prepared for the OKC Thunder and Durant to make some noise next year.


Derrick Rose

Speaking of great young talented ball players, you can't forget about this entertaining rookie.

Everybody had high expectations for the 2008 first overall pick Derrick Rose, but it seems the talented point guard might have surpassed the limits of those expectations.

Rose has shown leadership qualities in his rookie year, accepting the role for the Chicago Bulls team like Durant did for his OKC team.

There is no wonder as to why Rose has become a fan favorite among other popular NBA stars.

You can depend on Rose to finish the game, take charge, and establish his presence on the court. It won't be to long when everybody will be saying, "This guy is one of the best point guards in the NBA."

As the the Bulls start to get more comfortable and find the right roster to build around Rose, we could see a glimpse from the past back when Michael Jordan was a Bull. One day, people might even say, "I want to be like Rose." So keep it up because the MVP title should not be that far away from you, Mr. Rose.


Michael Beasley

No. 2 pick Michael Beasley is an excellent addition to the Miami Heat team. Big, strong, and talented overall with the surroundings of D-Wade and other great players, Beasley could soon be a force to be reckoned with.

Although this talented rookie does not start, he gives great play off the bench, which Miami needs. Beasley is in his rookie year, but although he has not shown his full potential, it won't be for long before he will be known as Michael the Beast.

Beasley has all the tools to be a top star in the NBA and one day could claim the MVP title. With those tools, Beasley could build a successful run to the NBA title and then some.


OJ Mayo

OJ Mayo has grown to be a rookie stud in the NBA. Many fans feel he is ahead of Rose in the Rookie of the Year race and rightfully so.

The talented guard from USC has grown to be a scoring force in the NBA, averaging 18.3 ppg, which should make the top scorers think of Mayo in the back of their minds as this rookie will rise to the top.

Like Durant, Mayo is also on a struggling team, but much like Durant, it won't be too long before other teams will have to fear the Grizzles. Mayo is showing potential to be a great guard in the NBA. The guy is a scoring machine for Memphis, and could possibly be in the ranks for the MVP title in the near future.


Mario Chalmers

Here is my wild card pick of this talented bunch, but with the way he is playing, it shouldn't be a huge shock.

This incredible point guard can play D, pass, and score at will. With the surroundings of Beasley, O'Neal, Haslem and Wade, Chalmers can grow to be one of the best points guards in the game.

Every time I watch Chalmers, he impresses me more and more and has made a bigger statement than the No. 2 pick Beasley.

With all the tools Miami has with Chalmers leading at point, it shouldn't be to long before they can hang a second NBA Championship banner, and it shouldn't be long before you hear MVP chants for Chalmers.


So there you have it. I will have to add part two soon, as I didn't want to make this article too long. There are tons of other talented stars that I did not mention, including Lopez, Love, Westbrook, Gordon, and many more, so stay tuned.

So keep your eye on these talented stars as it wont be to long before they become superstars and claim the MVP title.