Reviewing The October Prediction: Michigan State—2008 NCAA Champions

Andrew PerkinsCorrespondent IMarch 27, 2008

Sometimes you just have to look back on things past and just laugh. 

You know, like the time my voice cracked while reading The Diary of Anne Frank in my eigth grade Language Arts class.

Times like that.

So when I look back at what I blogged on October 30 of last year, I do have to chuckle a little bit.  The prediction was made -- Michigan State would win the 2008 NCAA basketball championship.  Granted, Michigan State did not tank it a la NC State.  In fact, the Spartans still have a chance to win it all.  But the preseason analysis looks nothing like the current situation that drives the Spartans.  Shoot, I didn't even mention the fact that Tom Izzo is a great coach and a solid NCAA tournament coach.


Michigan State -- 2008 NCAA Champions


In basketball, of course.

All those of you who thought I was talking about the MSU football team — you may want to lay off the good stuff.

The basketball team is the real title contender in Spartan land.

Is there anybody you would rather have leading your team than senior guard Drew Neitzel? Granted, there are some solid point guards around the nation. But Neitzel almost single handedly carried the Spartans through the Big 10 and into the national tournament last year. And with most of the team returning and a couple fresh faces expected to contribute, you have to believe things will open up for Neitzel to cause even more headaches for opposing defenses.

Idong Ibok, Goran Suton, Marquise Gray, and Drew Naymick all return along the front line. Add in redshirt freshman 7 footer Tom Herzog (think Shawn Bradley in college), and the frontline should be a typical rough and tumble Spartan frontline. Forward Raymar Morgan, listed on the pre-season Naismith watch list alongside Neitzel, should prove to be a handful for opposing defenses. Freshmen guards Durrell Summers and Chris Allen are expected to produce. And we know Tom Izzo is not afraid of getting freshmen in the mix.

A few good fresh faces added among a roster full of experienced players? That’s a recipe for success.

And that’s why Michigan State should battle their way through the Big 10, feast upon an average non-conference schedule, and make a run to glory in the tournament.



I'm not even sure Tom Herzog exists any more.  ESPN says he's played 68 minutes this year.  I'll believe them.

Idong Ibok has been about as non-existant as Herzog. 

Marquise Gray has seen decreased minutes as the year has progressed. 

And the fabulous freshman this year hasn't been Summers.  It hasn't been Allen, either.  It's been Kalin Lucas.

Fortunately, Goran Suton has been very solid in the middle with averages of 8.7 points and 8.2 rebounds. 

I do admit that the analysis has proved itself to be somewhat shaky. 

But the Spartans are still in the mix!