The ABCs of LSU Football

Nate BrooksCorrespondent IApril 2, 2009

Every young child learns their ABCs as they grow up. They are the foundation of all education, and no child can learn anything without first mastering them.

The same goes for any LSU Tiger: Just learning the lore of Death Valley or the correct way to pronounce "Geaux." is fundamental. The ABCs of LSU football are also a strong foundation of your fanhood.

A is for Alabama, a hated rival.

B is for Billy Cannon, our Heisman winner.

C is for Championships, in which we have three.

D is for Death Valley, where teams fear to play.

E is for Earthquakes, for which our stadium has caused.

F is for Fans, the best in the nation.

G is for Geaux, means go; it's as simple as that.

H is for the Hat, he has our back.

I is for World War I, the only event to stop an LSU season (1918).

J is for Joe Alleva, our Athletic Director.

K is for Kentucky, home of the Blue Grass Miracle.

L is for Les Miles, the head coach of our team.

M is for Mike the Tiger, he is always on the prowl.

N is for Nick Saban, foe once friend.

O is for Ole Miss, they can "Geaux to Hell."

P is for Pros, we have produced many.

Q is for Quick, you have to be in the SEC.

R is for Reed, first name Josh, our only Biletnikoff Award winner.

S is for Southeastern Conference, where we are charter members.

T is for Tailgating, won't find any better.

U is for Undefeated in the BCS.

V is for Victories, we have 701.

W is for White, the color of our HOME uniform.

X is for 10 (X), the number of SEC Championships we own.

Y is for Yard Lines, we mark every five.

Z is for Zydeco, the songs of the south.

Now you know your ABCs, next time won't you cheer with me?