Did Tom Brady Intentionally Try to Injure Ed Reed?

Chris RolingFeatured ColumnistJanuary 20, 2013

Did Tom Brady want to injure Ed Reed?
Did Tom Brady want to injure Ed Reed?

A hotly contested AFC Championship matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots took a serious turn when Pats quarterback Tom Brady appeared to intentionally attempt to kick Ed Reed of the Ravens. 

Brady was scrambling inside the 10-yard line when he went to slide to give himself up. Reed jumped to avoid hitting him, and Brady seemed to raise his leg in an attempt to kick or trip Reed.


It is hard to determine if Brady meant Reed any harm, but the Twitter world exploded on the topic with drastically different opinions:

Mike Golic Jr. was not thrilled with the announcers not mentioning the possibility Brady did it on purpose:


Announcers talking about Tom Brady hurting himself with that leg extension...what about Ed Reed's safety there??

— Mike Golic Jr (@MGolicJR57) January 21, 2013


Baltimore fans were angry with the play, and even took to some Ravens reporters to let their feelings on the matter be known:


Unintentional? What replay were you watching??? “@ravensinsider: Tom Brady's foot struck Ed Reed's leg, looked unintentional”

— Davy (@BmoreDavy) January 21, 2013


Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Eric Wright weighed in Reed's favor:


Tom Brady kicked him on purpose 😂😂😂😂😂 #ThereISaidIt

— Eric Wright (@EWrighteous21) January 21, 2013


As did the one and only Michael Phelps:


I mean really? You're allowed to just kick your spikes up like that at the end of a play?? #cheapwaytoplay

— Michael Phelps (@MichaelPhelps) January 21, 2013



What do you think? Did Brady intentionally attempt to hurt Reed?


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