WVU Football: Will Dana Holgorsen Replace One More Coach? (Updated)

Michael WalkerAnalyst IIJanuary 20, 2013

Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

I expect West Virginia University head coach Dana Holgorsen to replace one more coach for 2013. The questions are: Which one and for what reason?

Three coaches are gone, and three have been hired. Responsibilities have been assigned and titles given. All the hires so far have been to improve the efficiency and production of the defense and wide receivers. An emphasis was also given to recruiting abilities.

Current coach Shannon Dawson was also given the responsibility of coaching quarterbacks in addition to remaining offensive coordinator.  At first glance, this move was questionable.

Coach Dawson has no Division I experience with quarterback coaching. Upon closer examination, his resume includes offensive coordinator and quarterback coach at Stephen F. Austin in Division II from 2008 to 2010.

The Stephen F. Austin passing attack happened to lead Division II for those two years. Holgorsen knew what he was doing with that assignment.

Brian Mitchell was hired as cornerbacks coach to replace Daron Roberts. Coach Mitchell has proven defensive backs' coaching skills and is an excellent recruiter.

Tony Gibson was hired to coach safeties, and he is a known commodity at WVU as a defensive coach. He is also an excellent recruiter.

Lonnie Galloway was named receivers coach and was considered the most proven hire of the three. In addition to his defensive coaching skills, he is an outstanding recruiter.



But there is one more thing. Galloway was also named assistant head coach. But WVU already has an assistant head coach: Joe DeForest.

Coach DeForest was demoted as defensive coordinator, and Coach Patterson was given his responsibilities for that position. DeForest is now simply an assistant coach. He has no position responsibilities, and he has no recruits.

Not only has DeForest not received any commitments, he is not involved in the recruiting of anyone.

I've heard no rumors about him leaving, and I don't have an inside source. As a sports writer and analyst, I just find it to be pretty obvious.

I believe Joe DeForest has limited time to find another job. What do you think?

Update! Dave Hickman of the Charleston Gazette reported on 1/31/2013 about WVU coaches' salary increases and contract renewals. His information was recieved as a result of a Freedom of information act  (FOIA) request.

Hickman's article gave details of all the football coaches salaries and contract status. Some of the retained coaches received raises, others didn't. Conspicuously absent was the status of Coach DeForest. His name wasn't mentioned at all.

Does this mean DeForest is no longer employed by the university? No, but even the coaches that didn't receive raises had their contracts renewed. DeForest is presumed to still be employed under the terms of an offer sheet he signed on 12/12/2012.

You can take from this what you choose. His absence from the results of the FOIA request speaks volumes to me. What do you think?

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