My Formula One Equation: Red Colour Ferrari Is Equal to Michael Schumacher

Rohini IyerSenior Writer IApril 2, 2009

It's one of those little connectives that happen just like that; sub-consciously we tend to add and correlate two things simultaneously which sticks to our mind even long after those things are undone.

One example of such a mental overlaping in my repertoire is the case of Ferrari and Michael Schumacher. I know its ages since Schumacher has relinquished his hold on the red race car but in the periscope of my brain, when anyone mentions about Ferrari the next reflexive thought is about him.

I am not surprised by this, for considering the amount of drilling my F1 fanatic cousin gave me when Schumacher was at his prime it is just one of the aftermaths.

The cousin in question had a huge poster of Schumacher tacked on his wall and during the races we would be given two options: Stay and watch the race or get out of the house finding some other occupation for those hours.

Invariably me and his sister used to end up on the floor with our eyes begging us to stop watching the [then] bizarre cars zoom in and out of laps. At that time I used to wonder how the hell my cousin managed to understand which car was which; how do they determine the winner; don't they ever get motion sickness???

All these questions I had to quell because during the races full concentration had to be devoted to the racers as if they were driving based on our mental telepathy!

Finally, when it actually seemed proper to be a student in the most unconventional sense, I asked him to give an overview about whatever he was watching and following with an almost maddening interest.

I requested him for an overview about the sport and fortunately or unfortunately, he gave me an overview about some German whose name was pronounced something like "Shoe- Maker"

That was it! The way I pronounced it, my cousin spent another few precious [in his clock] teaching me the right way to pronounce. Trust me, for a few days after that I kept on bragging about a new word in my vocabulary as if I had earned a Nobel prize on Formula One literature and thesis.

After the name came the team for which the German played. I tried my level best not to zonk off, keep a facade of intelligence and even asked a couple of questions so as to maintain the feigned enthusiasm.

I guess overall it went well because post the teaching episode, any F1 race I saw [only when nothing else was available] I tried to identify the red car. It wasn't that difficult because most of the time, it always used to be first.

And when the checquered flag used to be waved [ I learnt that too] with Schumacher pumping his fists most of the time, I felt this strange ecstasy that I know something even though it was a very paltry "something."

The man behind the wheels became synonymous with the colour and the brand making it less difficult over a period of time to identify and tag.

Years have passed, Schuamacher has retired; someone else has taken over the dashboard but still I connect only Schumacher with Ferrari and its not just restricted to F1, I should add.

The other day, one of my friends was talking about Christiano Ronaldo and his "Ferrari" while I interrupted by saying loudly, "Schumacher." It wasn't a great thing: we were sitting in a restaurant and my bellow had attracted other patrons.

Call me weird, call me plain stupid but whatever I am; Ferrari and Schumacher in my enclycopedia are not two but just one entity!