Should the Brands Be Divided Again?

Wrestling UncoveredCorrespondent IApril 2, 2009

In the last two years the brands have been blended so badly that barely anyone remembers what show each wrestler is from.

I remember a time when ECW, Smackdown, and Raw were all separate brands and they had their own separate pay-per-views. I think that WWE should work towards going back to this system.

Now why do I feel this way? Many reasons really. I have come up with the following, but please understand they are only my opinion.

1. Ratings

If the shows were divided, it would make it easier to balance the stars. For example: if they had someone like Edge on ECW and he actually stayed there and all he appeared on was ECW, ECW would see a major increase in ratings.
I’m not saying it’s not balanced out now but, Smackdown and ECW may have suffered a little because people know that they can see their favorites like Miz and Morrison on other shows so why bother watching the show they are supposed to be appearing on?


2. More time for new wrestlers

It seems that WWE always focuses on the popular guys. Leaving little development time for the new-comers. If WWE would allow them to develop their character, perhaps we would see some great new rivals emerge.

This would help alleviate a condition I like to call "Seen-it-all-before," which is caused by the same feuds over and over again, example: JBL vs John Cena. Guys like Kizarny have suffered greatly due to the talent sharing.

Many of thenew wrestlers that don't get airtime are released. In fact, Kizarny was released recently.


3. Better Feuds

If Smackdown, Raw or even ECW had more time to develop their own separate rivalries there would be better feuds. Remember Edge vs. John Cena in 2006? Of course you do. It was the feud of the year.
Raw took great time developing this rivalry and it produced some of the most memorable moments in 2006.
If the shows were divided, more rivalries like this one could happen because more time could be spent developing the feud and creating career long rivals that anytime they do wrestle each other it is sure to be remembered.

4. Stronger Pay-per-views

Many people are saying “what?” at this point, but yes I feel PPVs would be much stronger if the shows were divided. I mean, which would you prefer to see a PPV with two or three matches that are due to strongly developed feuds and shallow stories or a PPV with eight matches from strongly developed feuds and in depth stories?
More than likely the second one. They would also have much more time to develop these stories before Pay-per-views because there would be two months before a pay-per-view instead of just one.
Pay-per-view wins would also mean much more in terms of drawing a conclusion to the rivalry.

5. Stronger Championships

In recent years the tag titles, The IC title and the US title have lost their value. The only championships really worth anything are the WWE and World Heavyweight championship. The IC title and US title have lost their value due mainly to the lack of guys competing for them.
The new guys are not getting time to develop and the guys that are developed are competing for the heavyweight title, leaving no contenders! I can name four guys in the run for the IC or US title and like 9 in the run for either of the heavyweight titles!
It’s a mess! Not to mention the lack of storylines for these championships are weakening it further.

6. Special appearances would mean something

Remember the days when someone like The Undertaker appearing on Raw meant something? Well it sure as hell doesn’t anymore. Ever since WWE has destroyed the boundaries between the brands superstars from any of the brands just show-up like it’s their home brand.

The frequency of “special appearances” has increased heavily but, in a negative way. I think this has strongly weakened some of the specials like the 500th episode of Smackdown which only brought in a 2.2 rating.

Now granted I know that WWE originally broke the boundaries between the brands to familiarize fans with Superstars from the other brands and as a result increased the buy rate of PPVs.
Well congratulations to them, they have done that, but the problem is more than half the guys they wanted to familiarize fans with are gone, or not getting airtime, so just go back to the old system. Superstars would probably be a lot better off in the long run.

As stated these are only my opinion. You might feel differently about the situation. I would love to hear your opinion, so please leave a comment.

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