World Football vs American Football: Why Do We Hate Each Other?

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World Football vs American Football: Why Do We Hate Each Other?
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If you've ever visited a sports website, chances are you've come across a heated discussion between fans of American football and world football.

I've been in a few. Usually, I'm the guy trying to convince everyone both sports have their merit and there really is no need to proclaim one sport to be better or more manly than the other. Yeah, that guy. That dude who's oblivious to the fact some people just like to troll.

As a European, I was born into a culture obsessed with soccer (I'm sorry fellow footy aficionado's, but it's just easier to distinguish) and raised by a dad who at one point was able to make a living out of playing the game. I was actually pretty good myself and played at a fairly high level as a kid, before I discovered the virtues of the other gender.

And then I fell in love with another sport. A game we really don't pay attention to down here on the old continent. I stopped being a midfielder and became a wide receiver/cornerback.

Did I like football more than soccer? Not really. In fact, I gave up both to become a beach bum in the end.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I was fortunate enough to develop an affection for and a thorough understanding of both sports. I love both games with a passion.

But why am I part of a minority? I have my theories, and you'll notice in this article that most arguments people have for either sport boil down to the same thing.


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