Packer Fans, Shut Up!

Joshua SkaarCorrespondent IApril 1, 2009

For the last 14 months many Green Bay Packers fans have clamored for the firing of General Manager Ted Thompson—mostly for allegedly driving Brett Favre out of Lambeau Field.

When the most logical argument, "They made a plan to move forward and had already gone through the draft by the time Favre decided he wanted to play," isn't sufficient to ward off the coming onslaught of stupidity and Thompson bashing, just throw in the towel and walk away.

Unless you like your brain cells to deteriorate at alarming rates from listening to a superfluous circular argument.

Everyone has a right to have their voices heard. It's one of the many reasons websites such as our beloved Bleacher Report even exist.

But there is only so much brainless rambling that the human race can endure.

Recently, the Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen announced that the team will be attempting to trade away unhappy QB Jay Cutler.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writer Greg Bedard blogged the story and left the story open for discussion. Huge mistake!

The conversation starts off civil enough, with pseudo prayers that Cutler won't be a member of the NFC North this coming season.

But the comments quickly deteriorated into blurts of insanity: "Packers trade (Aaron Rodgers) for Cutler. That would make the Packers a better team at the QB position," wrote one member of the message board. It only got worse from there.

While Cutler had more passing yards, Rodgers had three more TD passes (28), five less INTs (13), better completion percentage (+1.3 percent), and a better overall passer rating (93.8.)

If trading a steady, smart, and gutsy QB for a whiny gunslinger is an upgrade, I'll stick with my outdated model, thank you very much.

I'm not saying that Cutler is a slouch by any means, but Rodgers has waited for his turn and performed well above most "professional" expectations. Cutler should thrive on whichever team he ends up with.

But Packer fans, please, shut up! Ted Thompson isn't the second coming of George W. Bush. He may have drafted the steal of the 2005 draft.

True, the drafting of Rodgers may have pushed Favre out the door a year or two sooner than he'd have liked. But now the team has a QB who (if he stays healthy) could start the next 10 or more seasons in Green Bay.

How many other teams can say they've had a secure starter at the QB position for nearly 30 years?

Of course that last bit is purely speculation because injuries can and do happen.

Rodgers isn't a flashy QB who threads a needle to make an exciting play, but rather will take the high percentage completion pass and get his team close inch-by-inch, rejoice!

Rodgers is a QB which any team not located in Boston or Indianapolis would be thrilled to have. Fortunately he is happily playing on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field—with Ted Thompson as his boss.

So, sit down. Shut up. And enjoy some Packers football.