Major League Baseball's Biggest Questions For 2009

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Major League Baseball's Biggest Questions For 2009
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Major League Baseball is always filled with major questions to be answered.

2009 is no exception.

Here are a few of the biggest questions needing to be answered.

5. Will another team like the Tampa Bay Rays come out of nowhere to make the playoffs?

I give a team like the San Fransisco Giants a good shot at challenging for the NL West title.

They have a fantastic pitching staff.

If their offense shows even decent improvement, the Giants will be contenders sooner rather than later.

4. Will the Rays be contenders again in 2009?

I think so.

They have good balance in their pitching staff and in their lineup.

As of right now, I would put the Rays second behind the Red Sox.

I think they will make the playoffs as a Wild Card.

3. Will Alex Rodriguez' issues have a major impact on the Yankees?

They might a little.

Rodriguez is not scheduled to be back until May, which might help him.

He will get some grief from the fans, but the Yankees are used to dealing with drama.

2. What will Manny Ramirez's impact be on the Dodgers?


Ramirez might be a flaky player, but the man can hit.

The Dodgers were not going anywhere without re-signing Ramirez.

1. Will the Yankees big moves work out?

Not really!

However, I think Mark Texeira is the real deal.

He's not worth as much as they paid him, but he will be a very productive player for the Yankees.

I think A.J. Burnett was a major mistake.

He is a talent, but he is extremely fragile.

That is too much money to invest in a fragile pitcher.

I can see C.C. Sabathia having three more productive seasons in the Major Leagues.

He has been an excellent pitcher, but has been overworked.

He may pitch more than three seasons, but I don't see him being dominant that long.

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