Vince Can't See Me: Week 2 Wednesday Night War Zone

Lucas BerndtCorrespondent IApril 1, 2009

Welcome everyone to "Wednesday Night War Zone". Tonight we have some great tag team and hardcore matches.

Now, let's go to a message form the owner. The Titantron shows Lucas Berndt in his office, and he says:

"Hello Everyone. I have come here tonight to announce the matches for Dark Resonance. The first match will be the nWo, consisting of The Hurricane, Hogan, and Big Show versus The Un-Americans.

After that, you will enjoy a match for the Intercontinental Championship, which will be: Kane versus Steve Austin; The Rock versus Finlay for the EHW Championship; A.J. and CM Punk versus The Hardys for the Tag Team Championships; and finally, Hornswoggle versus Kofi Kingston for the newly-created Cruiserweight Championship."

The crowd cheers and the video is cut.

The first match was about to start when The Rock entered the ring. He announces that he was going to add a stipulation to the match—It would instead be a sixty minute Iron Man match.

Hardcore Match: Kofi Kingston vs. Rey Mysterio

Rey wins after pulling out all the stops. He starts with jumping off the Titantron.

After this though, Kofi starts fighting back and it looks like he will win after starting the Sharpshooter. Rey though gets to the ropes and finishes it with the 619.

After the match, Rey announces he would be taking Kofi's place in the Cruiserweight Championship match.

Street Fight: Lance Storm vs. X-pac

This match is a fight all the way through. At times, it feels like X-pac will win, and others seem like Lance Storm will. They both beat each other with chairs and sledge hammers.

Lance, however, finishes it though with a Sharpshooter.

Tornado Tag: A.J. Styles-CM Punk vs. The Miz-Morrison 

A.J. Takes The Miz while Punk takes Morrison.

At times, it seems that The Miz will defeat A.J., but A.J continuously kicks out of the pins.

This ends when Punk uses his finisher on both Morrison and The Miz, ending the match in a double pin.

That is tonight's show, and remember Dark Resonance a week from Sunday.