The Rock: Could Divine Intervention Help Him Win the WWE Title at Royal Rumble?

Bill AtkinsonAnalyst IJanuary 18, 2013

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The Rock apparently has fans in the highest places, and one of those fans might help him win the WWE Championship from CM Punk next weekend.

Published reports claimed that WWE had been tinkering with the idea of having Punk retain the title at WWE Royal Rumble 2013 in Phoenix only to lose it to Rock the following month at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view in New Orleans. But according to F4WOnline (via, when Rock invoked the name of God when he cut his latest promo on Punk during last Monday’s Raw show, those plans might have been changed.

Rock was commenting on an earlier statement that Punk had made that facing Punk in the ring was like boxing with God. Rock then stated that, "as God is my witness," he would get the title next weekend in Phoenix:

[S]ince Rock swore to God on Raw that he would beat Punk at the Rumble, the idea of Punk retaining was likely nixed. It’s not a hard and fast rule, but usually if a babyface guarantees or swears to God that he will win, he wins.

Now there are no hard and fast scientific facts supporting the notion that publicly invoking the Lord’s name helps a babyface win a WWE match. Nor do we know the level of Rock’s faith in the Almighty.

If you look at Rock’s past of using sometimes questionable language to promo an opponent, you would think that God would be the last thing on his mind.

But it is kind of interesting that someone would even think to correlate the relativity of swearing to God to winning a match. Christians will tell you that there is victory in the Lord, but it is doubtful they were referring to coming out on top in WWE.

Punk has been referred to in the past as the “Second City Savior.” Maybe he really thinks that fighting him is like fighting God.

Does that mean WWE Creative will write a Messianic complex into Punk’s character? Highly doubtful.

So in the long run, what does invoking God do to the Royal Rumble match for the WWE Championship? How will it affect Rock’s chances of taking home WWE gold?

At the very least, he has a prayer.

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