The Reason For The New York Mets Lack Of Success Is Uncovered!

Robert ZendzianCorrespondent IApril 1, 2009

PORT ST LUCIE, FL - MARCH 01:  Pitcher J.J. Putz #22 of the New York Mets pitches against the Houston Astros during a spring training game at Tradition Field on March 1, 2009 in Port St Lucie, Florida. The Mets defeated the Astros 13-1.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

The recent, okay lets not kid ourselves, and past misfortunes the New York Mets have really left Mets fans scratching their heads. “Why our team?” they ask.  How can the Mets keep fielding a solid team yet find ways to miss the playoffs, even if seems like they have locked the division up?


Alright, so maybe the Mets have enjoyed some good times in their history. The 1969 and 1986 World Series Championships, four Pennants, and five Division Titles show it has not been all bad for the New York Mets. 


However, they have always seemed to play under the large shadow of the greatest baseball team in the history of mankind, the New York Yankees.


The success the Yankees have had is hard to ever look away from. However, even when the Yankees did not get into the playoffs last year, it seems like the Mets cannot capitalize on that and show they are better. The Mets just cannot get out of that shadow.  Why is this?


Well, the reason may surprise you. It has not been poor General Managers and coaches.  It can not be blamed on the players. It is indeed a decision that was made in 1880 that will forever hold the Mets under the shadow of the other local team.


In 1880, the New York Metropolitans were founded by John Day.  While this team did not turn into the Mets, when the ball club was founded in 1960, they took the name of the previous team.


That’s right folks. The biggest mistake the New York Mets franchise ever made was picking their name. They should have figured this out by the fact the original team did not pan out. 


However, through some research, I have found out that it is indeed the name that has brought the Mets down and put them under the shadow of the New York Yankees.


In 1974, the Cuban Nation Series welcomed the expansion baseball team, The Metropolitanos of Havana.  Since their introduction to the league, they have won no championships and have finished third or worst in their division of four from 2000-2007. 


They started, like the Mets, in the shadow of another team based in their own city.


The Industriales are the team in Havana, just like the Yankees are the team in New York. The Mets come second in their respective cities in both success and fan base…in both leagues.


So, now we can close the books on why the Mets are not and will never be as successful as the New York Yankees.


It’s all in the name.