The Curious Case of Shelton Benjamin

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIApril 1, 2009

Pure athlete, strong, exciting, and was once self-proclaimed one half of the World's Greatest Tag Team. The man I speak of is none other than Shelton Benjamin.

With all these abilities and skills, there is one question to be solved in this Curious Case of Shelton Benjamin:

Why has he not been pushed to the top of the WWE roster?

Shelton has a long history in wrestling. He started his journey to the WWE by winning two heavyweight South Carolina state high school wrestling championships. He was then accepted to the University of Minnesota, where he continued to dominate in his amateur wrestling career.

No wonder why WWE didn't think twice about signing the guy.

Shelton started his WWE career alongside another talented prospect, Charlie Haas, and they would  eventually be known as the self-proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team. They went on to win the WWE tag titles twice in their rookie year.

After the tour ended for the WGTT (World's Greatest Tag Team), Shelton ventured off to Raw and what looked like the beginning of a rise to the top for Shelton Benjamin.

Benjamin would make a huge statement right away. He landed a pin fall on the man we like to call Triple H. They continued to feud, as Triple H could not get past the talented Shelton Benjamin. Shelton would go on to pin Triple H two more times.

Benjamin, passing the grasp of the top-heel faction of the time, would focus on a golden opportunity. Shelton won his first Intercontinental title at Taboo Tuesday against Chris Jericho and would hold the belt on two more runs.

He would later venture to the "Land of Extreme," where we were introduced to Shelton Benjamin "The Gold Standard," and his efforts to capture the ECW title.

Although he came up short in his quest for an ECW Championship, and later left the ECW altogether, there was no doubt Shelton left a mark on the Extreme Championship brand.

Now on the blue brand known as Smackdown!, he did not wait to capture the U.S. Championship. Shelton defeated then-U.S. Champ Matt Hardy in a non-title match to earn his title shot at the Great American Bash to win his first U.S. Championship.

Although Benjamin recently lost his belt to MVP on the 500th episode of Smackdown!, he shouldn't frown just yet. As this Sunday is the spectacular 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania, what better way to start to rise to the top by winning the "Money In The Bank Ladder" and claiming the prize to have a future title shot?

With all these achievements, there should be no doubt that it is Shelton Benjamin's time to shine. All that needs to happen is for WWE to step up.

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