State of the League: Dallas Cowboys (the More Intelligent Version)

Brian LumpkinContributor IApril 1, 2009

IRVING, TX - DECEMBER 20:  Head Coach Wade Phillips of the Dallas Cowboys looks on from the side line during their NFL game against the Baltimore Ravens at Texas Stadium on December 20, 2008 in Irving, Texas. The Ravens defeated the Cowboys 33-24. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)


It sure seems like it.  Wade Phillips has been talking about all of this change he plans on making for the start of the 09-10 season.  The Cowboys started it off on the right foot by getting rid of locker room cancer Terrell Owens and all around idiot Pac-man Jones. 

The question I pose is: is Jerry going to let Wade do what he likes? My answer would be no, unless it turns out to be what Jerry wants to do. 

Now, before I go off on a tangent of bashing the Cowboys, I need to get back to the issues.

I see a small problem next year in the area of WR. While Whitten is more than capable and Roy Williams is going to be a factor I think, the absence of T.O. will be difficult to fill.

The other problem I see is in the depth in the corners and safeties.  They let Williams go and traded Henry, so they could probably use some depth in that field via the draft.

I think Tony Romo is more than qualified to lead this team and with the addition of a good receiver, the offense is about as complete as it gets. However, I do think Romo has some work to do when it comes to big game pressure.  I've seem him fold on too many different occasions.

After reading numerous articles about the Cowboys I have noticed that Miles Austin is, in fact, perceived as being the T.O. replacement.  I however don't think he really has the skills to be just thrown into those shoes quite yet. 

Three years in the league and a mere 18 catches?  That tells me that he isn't all that great.  If he was this great receiver, then the 'Boys wouldn't have traded for Roy Williams and he would be playing already. 

Seems to me that Wade and/or Jerry don't have much faith in him.

I think the additions they made to the Defense are a step in the right direction. They were already fifth against the pass last year, and adding Olshansky on the line and Brookings at LB makes the secondary's job a lot easier. 

Marion Jones is still going to be a beast, I see the 885 yds of last season being dwarfed.  He is getting better with ever snap and has great potential. 

Next year will be interesting in the NFC East, being that it held three of the toughest teams in the NFC for most of the season.  I can say, with a good draft, the Cowboys could easily rise above the 'Skins and Eagles.