Let's Make The Union The Bad Guys (Opening Night)

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IMarch 31, 2009
BPALM said...

Get over the day game for opening day. It is a union rule that the Padres cannot play a day game after traveling cross-country to NY. This has nothing to do with the Mets and/or ESPN
Teams are entitled to an off day for trips from the Pacific Time Zone to the Eastern Time Zone. The Commissioner is empowered to grant seven exceptions to this rule each season, no more than one affecting each club, to allow a club to play an East Coast night game the day after a West Coast day game. Except for transcontinental trips, off days are to be non-travel days whenever possible. As a result, teams head straight for the airport after the last game of a series, even if it's a 16-inning night game, rather than return to their hotel to rest and travel the next day.
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