ESPN's Brent Musburger Comments on Katherine Webb Situation

Jessica Marie@ItsMsJisnerCorrespondent IIJanuary 16, 2013

Source: USA Today
Source: USA Today

Brent Musburger has spoken.

The ESPN commentator, who came under fire during and after the BCS National Championship game for comments made about Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron's girlfriend, addressed the situation in a TMZ video posted on Wednesday.

The gossip site's cameras caught up with the 73-year-old Musburger at the airport in Palm Beach, Fla. on Tuesday, and of course, the reporter asked him if he regrets his comments about Katherine Webb.

It seems that Musburger was grateful for the opportunity to speak his mind because for the first time possibly ever, he granted permission to TMZ to ask a few questions and seemed genuinely happy to answer them.

When asked if he felt he had done anything wrong, Musburger simply said, "No."

He also said he has not spoken to Webb but he "would like to someday," and he doesn't feel responsible for launching her into the limelight because, as he said, she didn't need any help from him. 

During the championship game on Jan. 7, ESPN's cameras panned to Katherine Webb, who was named Miss Alabama USA in 2012. Musburger heaped an excessive amount of compliments onto Webb and even encouraged young boys in Alabama to get out and start tossing around a football so that they, too, could one day date someone like her.

You can see the comments here:

Webb addressed Musburger's comments in a Today Show appearance later that week and insisted she wasn't offended, but others have spoken out against the ESPN personality, including Michigan State journalism professor Sue Carter, who told The New York Times that it is "extraordinarily inappropriate to focus on an individual's looks."

Offensive? Maybe not. Weird and creepy? Perhaps.

ESPN issued an apology on Musburger's behalf in the days following the debacle, insisting that the commentator "went too far," according to USA Today.

But now, finally, we have our verdict: Musburger feels no remorse.             


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