Pro Bowl Before Superbowl In 2010? Debating Both Sides

Terry SharpeContributor IApril 1, 2009

I originally posted this article in my school newspaper. It's a debate between my colleague and I about whether to have the Pro Bowl the week before the Super Bowl, an idea that the NFL has tossed around.

My Argument for "Yes"

Year after year, an increasing amount of NFL fans suffer from" defootballization," a medical term for an individual's lack of football excitement for two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.

But an antidote was recently discovered. They call it the Pro Bowl.

The NFL has been talking about moving the Pro Bowl to the week before the Super Bowl for years, and it has been reported that it will finally happen in 2010.

One problem: The Super Bowl players won’t be able to participate in the Pro Bowl. We might miss a play or two from these players, but this will open up the opportunity for players that might have been snubbed in the voting if these players participated.

The NFL is the only major professional American sport that holds its All-Star game at the end of the season. This structure creates problems as far as general public interest goes. The Super Bowl should signal to the end of the season, the climax, the point where it all ends.

Having the Pro Bowl after the Super Bowl is like asking rapper Lil' Wayne to open for Soulja Boy, or U2 to open for Milli Vanilli.

We need the Pro Bowl to act as a teaser to the Super Bowl. This structure will bode for a more climactic ending to the always-exciting NFL season. Don’t worry, "defootballization" is a thing of the past. It is time we really enjoy a fulfilling NFL season.

Steven Brom's Argument for "No"

Now that the NFL season is finally over, it's that time again to look at the league and see what changes can be made like rules, venues, and even dates.

The NFL is looking into having the Pro Bowl changed to a week before the Super Bowl, during the one week break teams get to prepare. Maybe a good idea for revenue and sales, but overall this is a bad idea.

Many believe that this past Super Bowl might have been one of the best in history. The reason it was good is that extra week. This gives time for teams like the Cardinals to analyze over and over again the stiff defense of the Steelers. This also goes the other way, as the Steelers' D was able to pick up on different Cardinals offensive schemes.

Now, what happens when a player from a team in the Super Bowl is also voted into the Pro Bowl? No coach in his right mind is going to let his Pro Bowl athlete go out and risk getting injured in a game that has absolutely no meaning (Let me repeat that: absolutely no meaning) exactly one week before the most important game of the entire season.

So now, that player has to sit in the lower stands and watch, and the whole idea falls apart. It's a good effort on the NFL’s part to bring in more revenue and make the Super Bowl a whole two-week event, but that's all it is, and it should not happen.