WWE: Paul Heyman Will Betray WWE Champion CM Punk in 2013

Alex MussoFeatured ColumnistJanuary 15, 2013

Photo Courtesy WWE
Photo Courtesy WWE

CM Punk may be a "Paul Heyman guy," but don't expect Paul Heyman and CM Punk to be together forever. The WWE Champion had better watch his back, because sooner or later, Heyman will betray CM Punk. Here's how that could happen.

CM Punk claims he has no association with Brad Maddox or The Shield. But, Heyman has never once made any such declaration. Going as far back as Hell in a Cell, the night when then-referee Maddox hit Ryback with a low blow, speculation has swirled as to why Maddox would do such a thing.

The Shield, a new faction in WWE, has claimed no loyalty to anyone, especially CM Punk. And perhaps they don't. But they never have stated one way or the other if they are allied with Maddox.

Perhaps they don't work for anyone. But they could easily be working with someone like Maddox.

One very important clue as to the relationship between Maddox and Heyman came via Heyman's statement on the Dec. 31, 2012 edition of Monday Night Raw. Heyman, after being approached by Maddox about wanting a job, saying he could "help" CM Punk, told Maddox to get out of his life.  

The next week, Jan. 7, 2013, Maddox again confronted Heyman, offering his services. The way Maddox spoke to Heyman seemed as though he had leverage over Heyman. Their relationship is clearly more complicated than WWE TV has yet to reveal.

Why would Heyman tell Maddox to get out of his life if up to that point there was no indication that Maddox was even in his life? What is their hidden relationship?  

To determine that relationship, think back to Sept. 24, 2012.

CM Punk and Heyman demanded that Maddox, who had missed CM Punk's foot on the ropes the week before, thus costing CM Punk a match, resign from WWE immediately.

Maddox refused.  

The Shield first appeared at Survivor Series, interfering to help CM Punk retain his WWE Championship. Since then, they have repeatedly defended CM Punk and they have attacked opponents of CM Punk and Maddox consistently.


What is the relationship between all of them? More importantly, how will these relationships all lead to the betrayal of CM Punk by Heyman?

The answers all lie in Heyman.

Heyman must have paid off Maddox, or otherwise promised him something valuable (like a WWE contract, perhaps).

Of the members of The Shield, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have a history on the independent circuit, much like CM Punk. They may not work for Heyman, but he could have easily  convinced them that the WWE is corrupt and needed to be destroyed. Heyman is, after all, a master manipulator.   

These arrangements, however, leave Heyman in a dangerous position.

If someone like Maddox has dirt on him, Heyman could easily be sold out by Maddox to Vince McMahon. If Maddox could show that Heyman used crooked dealings to keep the title on CM Punk, Heyman could be removed from WWE and Punk could be stripped of his title.  

Heyman, ever the survivor, will not allow that to happen. Heyman, with Maddox, The Shield and Brock Lesnar under his influence, does not need CM Punk.

With the Royal Rumble less than two weeks away, there could be no better time for Heyman to betray CM Punk. While The Rock is likely to win the WWE Championship that night, a betrayal by Heyman could set up CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar for WrestleMania. If that betrayal happens later, such as at Elimination Chamber, Lesnar, who is slated for a late February return date, could return at Elimination Chamber.

Heyman is more concerned with protecting himself than anything else. Because of his secret dealings, he will be forced to betray CM Punk. CM Punk, WWE Champion, will likely be felled by his own manager. When that will happen is still a mystery. Only time will tell.