Terim And His Boys Are Confident That They Could Win Against Spain in Turkey

AHMET BOB TURGUT@turkishsoccerCorrespondent IMarch 31, 2009

17 May 2000:  Galatasaray Coach Fatih Terim during the UEFA Cup Final against Arsenal at the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen, Denmark. The game ended 0 - 0 after extra time and Galatasaray won 4 - 1 at the penalty shoot out. \ Mandatory Credit: Graham Chadwick /Allsport


Let's just remember, some of the things that Fatih Terim said before the first match in Spain...

Fatih Terim: "Spain will go as first place and Turkey will go as second place to World Cup"

"Fatih Terim Promises Turkey Will Play To Win In Spain..."

Well, Turkey did not beat Spain in Spain...

And, Fatih Terim's promise as far as going to World Cup 2010 to the Turkish soccer fans is in jeopardy.

Besides Turkey, there is Bosnia, and Belgium is fighting for the second place now...

After losing to Spain, Bosnia captured the second place from Fatih Terim and his boys.

That is why this is a must-win match for Turkey, if they want to at least put up a fight for second place in Group 5.

Loss of points in Ali Samiyen Stadium on Wednesday could spell bad times for Fatih Terim.

At the press conference on Tuesday, Fatih Terim said, "I will have 11 brave hearts on the pitch, and if it becomes 23,000 brave hearts with the fans, that will be all the more efficient," he said. "That’s how we can win." Terim went on.  Being the home team was important in this game.

"Patience and excitement are crucial parts of football," he said. "My friends in the stands should provide the excitement to my friends on the pitch."

"It is important that the players on the pitch and off the pitch create a synergy,"

So, it is put up or shut up time for Fatih Terim and his boys now!

If they want to give Turkish Football fans joy and pride, this is the match, they have to do it.

It will be a really good one, too, because they will end Spain's 30-match winning streak...

And whole world will be talking about Terim and Turkish Football one more time again.

If they can't, they will miss the chance to capture second place...

If Bosnia wins on Wednesday and Turkish National team lose, it will be four point gap between Bosnia and Fatih Terim's boys.