Fantasy Baseball Search Site Review: Fighting Chance Fantasy

Todd Farino@truegurufarinoCorrespondent IMarch 31, 2009

Site review by Todd Farino

4.5/5 Stars

Fighting Chance Fantasy Sports was started in early 2008 by Ryan Hallam with the hope of helping fantasy players have a better chance of winning their leagues. As far as the preseason content that you can find there include, positional rankings, sleepers, busts, prospect lists, and closer reports.
In 2009, you can also find Top Five Burning Questions at each position as well as draft preparation at each position as well. These articles are a great guide to show when each player should be expected to be drafted, and is a strong help for any person drafting for the first time or the 100th.

Perhaps the best feature of the site is the personal attention you can get if you send in an email to Fighting Chance Fantasy guarantees a personal, detailed response within 18 hours, a deadline they claim to have never missed.
From draft strategies to adds/drops, trade reviews, and keepers, no question is too small or too big to send in. I know multiple people who have submitted questions, and not only are they happy with the response, but they have had a few other interesting comments.
One is that Ryan always tries to give you multiple angles to look at, including some perhaps you hadn't thought of before. Also, he almost always asks for your feedback or how you felt about the issue that you sent the question in about.
He doesn't just try to force his ideas down your throat; he takes your thoughts into consideration as well. The timely responses and the personal attention are two things you just don't find at many other sites.

In 2008, there was an article nearly every single night entitled Beyond the Boxscore in which Ryan broke down the games of the night and put forth all the news and notes that you needed to know.
Who was on a hot streak, who was on a cold streak, closer movement, etc. were laid out every single night even as games were still going on. This instant news was invaluable to readers to get an edge up on the competition.

Ryan has also brought a couple other writers along with him to enhance the site. Corey Dawkins is a great resource for injury information because he is a physical therapist by trade.
Dawkins not only has the training to be able to understand some of the technical information that is fed to us by the teams, but he knows just the right way to write about it so the every day player can understand.
He is an invaluable resource to the site. New to the site for 2009 is Jesse Schwarz who has written very little, but he is off to a good start. Schwarz will be writing about trade strategies, as well as buy low/sell high players once the season starts.


Outstanding Fantasy Advice
100 percent free
Email option with GUARANTEED response within 18 hours
Personal attention not found at larger sites
Nightly articles so you never miss breaking news
Covers baseball and football

With only few writers, content can be limited
Layout/Navigation could be better
Featured articles layout doesn't change in a timely manner


Overall rating 4.5/5 stars - Excellent site.
Visit Fighting Change Fantasy and check them out for yourself.