My Favorite Sports Month(s) of the Year

Matt Shea@isheax407Correspondent IMarch 31, 2009

This is a super hard decision for a boy who's seen his dreams of a championship of some sort come and go.

Dreams were killed with a single possession of a collegiate basketball game, or an entire second half of a game and closing possessions ending on the wrong foot. Seeing as how I love football and basketball, I would have to highlight six months of the year that are special to me and why.

Then I'll let you know which one of the six was a total bust in certain parts and awesome in others over these past two calendar years.


August through the end of October (Three Months)

Oh, August, what an amazing month. School is usually starting back up and vacation is coming to an end, yet the best of all the different football seasons is about to start up.

The smell of blood is in the air, GATOR blood!

OK, just kidding.

School spirit can be seen in everyone's apparel at local colleges and universities and the rivalries come to life.

Gators & 'Noles, 'Canes & 'Noles, Sooners & 'Horns, Buckeyes & Wolverines, Beavers & Ducks, Yale & Harvard and all the other schools are praying to be undefeated when facing each other, to add to the upcoming rivalry game, whichever one it was and whenever they are scheduled to face off.

In September, these rivalry games begin to take shape as most come after about a month of their teams season kicking off.

These are my favorite three months of the year by far. October brings the NBA, which is why it is in my top three favorite months. Usually this occurs on Halloween as well, so I've got time.


February through the end of April

Ahhhh, February, this year February was a BEAST to me, yet brought some pretty good sports moments at some pretty good parties I went to.

The Super-Bowl had me SUPER excited when Larry went yard and had his dreads intact until the end zone where he leaped in and scored to put the cards on top.

It completely silenced everyone in the room except for me who jumped up and down in jubilation, pointing fingers and laughing at everyone's faces who said they were done at halftime.

Yet 10 minutes later, I was hitting the streets, blasting loud music to tune out the Florida-front-runners who never set foot in Pittsburgh and were pulling for them.

What's up with that?!?

I wasn't pulling for either, but wanted the under-dogs to win the game. The 500 was good AND bad. I had to leave my house two hours early to get to work on time through the traffic. 

Wasn't my favorite thing on the earth, raining or clear out.

As I worked though, I saw a girl sitting all alone at the counter at Steak 'N Shake, where I work. I calmly approached her and asked if she was going to the big race, she nodded.

We exchanged numbers and I called her after the race to tell her I was sorry that JR had to leave the race early.

The NBA All * Game was completely bland to me. I watched the highlights, dominated by A.I.'s new haircut, as if that was better than Dwight's Speech for the Rookie Sophomore challenge, which was hilarious because no one was listening.


Big East & ACC  Tourneys & March-Madness

My birthday was kicked off with the seven-OT's of the 'Cuse & Georgetown game as I tuned back in during the fourth OT as my friends told me to get the tv back on RIGHT when I checked the score thinking it was over and lookin' to see who won; what a revelation!

The ACC tournament was such an awesome prospect to watch as FSU beat GT on my b'day and made it to the Semi's for the first time in a long-time, WELL put to face the No. 1 Tar-Heels as I returned to my party with a MAJOR tan again after spending a day at the beach with some pretty women.

The next day, as I continued to celebrate my birthday that Saturday, I went to the putt-putt golfing range and got killed by my brother. I returned to his crib and jumped in the frigid pool then got out and had hot dogs and ICE COLD bud light as I watched a game for the ages against UNC.

Typically, I scream really loud the entire brother had me covered on that one. Yet after the game, we celebrated like crazy and I fell asleep shortly after and that was probably the best birthday I've ever had.

The ACC Championship game was crazy as I was working hearing that FSU was losing from all my Gator friends and badly. I told them not to worry, that FSU would be back. Some Tar-Heel fans in the restaurant told me we had lost with a smirk and I said IT IS WHAT IT IS.

Onto March-Madness: It started off with LSU advancing and me being happy reviewing the game recap on my Brand New iPod Touch.

Later that Friday I watched OSU & FSU get knocked out of the tourney and woke up in a foul mood. To my surprise, none of the Gator fans at work gave me a hard time...I was crying off and on all day long, tearing up.

I told myself I was done watching the NCAA tourney, but obviously not. I enjoyed seeing 'Nova beat Duke, shortly after threw away my bracket when I heard Louisville was knocked out.

I was only right about UNC getting to the Final Four, who I thought would play Lou-Town and lose. Oh well, Hopefully they or 'Nova cut the final net down.

Now it's onto baseball season, Anyone else that write a report on this can post the link to their Months of The Year to my wall on the profile.

I was thinking of doing a fantasy baseball league with anyone interested, my MySpace page is, msg me if your interested. Feedback on this is always welcome guys. Talk it out. >:-D