Ten Reasons Kyle Busch Needs To Keep Throwing Temper Tantrums

Mary Jo BuchananSenior Writer IMarch 31, 2009

MARTINSVILLE, VA - MARCH 30:  Kyle Busch, driver of the #51 Miccosukee Resort Toyota, stands on the grid  before the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Kroger 250 at the Martinsville Speedway on March 30, 2009 in Martinsville, Virginia.  (Photo by Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Kyle Busch is arguably one of the best drivers to participate in the three elite NASCAR series.  He can drive the wheels off a truck, Nationwide, and even a Cup car.

Yet there is one more arena where the younger Busch excels.  He is one outstanding thrower of temper tantrums.

To date, Busch has pitched one by completely calling out his crew on the team radio for pit road errors.  There have been other tantrums where he has violently thrown off his racing gear into the car and stormed off, refusing to make any comment.

There has been at least one recent occasion where Rowdy made his disgust and displeasure known by parking his car in one of the turns and abandoning it for his crew to retrieve.

But there was no better temper tantrum thrown by Busch than this past weekend at the Martinsville Kroger 250 Truck race. 

Busch had been vying for the lead until some tight racing with Kevin Harvick led to damage to his truck.  He proceeded to try to correct this damage by rubbing the truck against pit road wall.

The only problem was that he went past the commitment cone, which resulted in a pit road violation as called by the NASCAR officials.

This put Busch well back in the pack and he finished a miserable seventeenth.  This was especially hard to swallow given that the car and driver had been in contention for the race win.

So, what was Busch's reaction to this latest problem on the track?  

He threw one of his best tantrums to date, getting out of the car, dramatically throwing his gear through the window, and running down the entire length of pit road.

He continued his sprint along pit road even with the rest of the truck field coming in to get to the garage.  He then jumped over the pit wall, crossed the race track, dodged the portable stage which was being towed, and hurdled the wall out of the track.

Amidst a few boos and heckles from the crowd, Kyle then disappeared, most probably making as quick an exit as he could from Martinsville Speedway property.

This tantrum was great television.  The post race coverage captured it all, with further video replays of the long run home available right on nascar.com.

And that is why Kyle Busch must continue to pitch these spectacular temper tantrums when things do not go his way.  In fact, here are ten reasons why Kyle Busch must continue to throw his hissy fits.

1.  Busch's temper tantrums are his best form of exercise.  His long jog out of the race track at Martinsville probably sufficed for an entire week of cardio for this young athlete.

2.  In addition to Busch's run, the repeated throwing of all of his race gear, helmet, gloves, shoe guards, etc., into his car provides a wonderful upper body workout and is great for his strength training.

3.  Busch's repeated screaming at his crew, whether via the race communications system or in person, helps to insure that his lung capacity remains at optimal capability.

4.  Busch has made it clear that he embraces the "villain" persona.  His temper tantrums ensure that place in all race fans' hearts.

5.  Parking his car on high banks or in the turns and abandoning it in the heat of anger serves dual purposes.  It enhances Busch's car control and it ensures his crew members get the work out that they so desperately need.

6.  If ever parents needed a role model for their children of a sore loser, Busch serves as the prime example and epitome of that designation.

7.  Busch's tantrums also serve as the perfect antidote to the sugary sweetness of his primary race sponsor M&M's candy.

8.  Busch's tantrum at Martinsville enabled all fans to fondly remember one of the best movies ever, Forrest Gump.  Run, Kyle, run!

9.  Busch's temper flare ups are critical to the success and fitness of the media.  Without his little fits, there would be nothing to talk about in all of the daily talk shows and the media contingent definitely needs the workout they get by chasing after him when he is in a snit.

10.  Kyle Busch's outstanding tantrums shine like a beacon of hope for every two year old out there that needs some inspiration to really pitch that perfect big one.

Kyle Busch, you are indeed every NASCAR fan's best hope for remembering that there is no perfect driver and that every young man needs to get those fits out of his system, with the hopes of someday, just someday, growing up.

But until that time, keep those trantrums coming, Rowdy!